Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hump-day's M/M Inspirations!


     Okay, so I am really going all out this week trying to stir up some really naughty inspiration to keep my muse happy and satisfied. 
     "Beyond Honor", due out VERY soon from Evernight Publishing, is really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!!
     My latest WIP, "Barely Legal" will be keeping me very busy in the meantime. 
     Now before you wag your eyebrows, "Barely Legal" may not be everything the title suggests. 
     In fact, it's about a whole lotta yummy stuff, but rest assured, the overheated boys I'm sharing today, will work their little fannies off to inspire me as I write! 

     Yeah! I know... so much for the barely legal comment... seriously though, these two are really in their 40's!  NOT! 
     Had to get the pretty boys out of the way, to make room for the menz!

     See! Told ya!! And you had no faith in me!
     We're moving up the age ladder and from the looks of it...we're moving way up the heat ladder, too!! 

      I don't really know who Corbin Fisher is, but maybe I should seriously up my porn research... not that I would ever watch porn, but you know... just in case I ever need to know this stuff for an... er... ahem... interview!! Yeah, that's why I need to know!!

     Speaking of HEAT!!!
Where were these two when I was writing "Beyond Honor"?? 
     I can almost taste both of 'em!!

     This is just about as romantic as it can get. 
     Cuddling never looked so comfy!!

     And last but certainly NOT least,
somebody call me a doctor, I think I'm having heart palpitations!!
     The party didn't stop here, but it's okay, I made sure no labor laws were broken during this photo shoot!!
     These lads were well compensated for any overtime they put in!! Did I mention researching Corbin Fisher?      
     Yeah, trust me, the boyz gotz skillz!!

      I hope my first edition of Hump-day Inspiration tickled your fancy and a few other places, too!
      Keep an eye out for "Beyond Honor" news!!
      As for me, I'm gonna get back to work and see if I can manage to keep this wip, "legal".... well just "barely"!!
      Later taters!!

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