Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rebecca Brochu's New Novella: "Reign Over Me"

     There are many things I love about being in the center of the publishing world and the one thing that tops the list are the wonderful authors I have met along the way. 
     Writers are a special breed of people and each bring unique views, talents and personalities to life through their labors of love A.K.A their novels and stories, but they also bring a unique flavor to life in general, especially to mine. 
     Rebecca Brochu is one of these extraordinary writers and considering her tender age, she's quite remarkable. 
     Had I listened to my gut as a young woman rather than allowing the complications of life to hold me back, who knows where I would be now had I followed my heart and pursued a writing career when I was Rebecca's age. I admire her and the many other young authors I have met over the years on my writing journey. 
     Often times I feel like a mother hen and I am pleased to have Rebecca as a member of my special little brood of talented young writers. Although, I hope she doesn't follow me too closely considering I have NO IDEA where I'm going. 
     June 1st will mark the release of Rebecca's second novella with eXtasy Books, Reign Over Me!!
      I am so pleased to introduce this novella to you and encourage you to check it out and download it on Friday!

Spencer is stunned the day an older boy named Dmitri takes him firmly by the hand and intertwines their lives.  Spencer hangs on Dmitri’s every word and order for years until the vicious lies of an outside party causes Dmitri to throw Spencer violently from his life.  Heartbroken Spencer is pushed almost to the breaking point until a mysterious stranger offers him the chance of a life time.  With nothing left to lose, Spencer accepts.
Years later, the two are reunited, and Spencer is forced to make a difficult choice.  Should he continue on with the life he has fashioned and turn Dmitri away once and for all?  Or should he take one final chance on the only man who has ever made his heart race?

You can learn more about Rebecca Brochu and Reign Over Me, by visiting her Blog and Author Page over at eXtasy Books.

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