Monday, August 13, 2012

BEYOND HONOR is available in PRINT!!

I've been a published author for a couple of years now, and although I have truly loved each and every one of my books published under my real name, Robin Badillo, I couldn't be happier that Beyond Honor will be the first to actually be available in digital format as well as PRINT!! 
I owe so much to Tyler Robbins!! ;-)
Beyond Honor has a rich history and, yes, to answer all of my patient and loyal reader's questions, there WILL be a sequel and I can only hope you will all love it as much as the first. 
Thanks again for the support and for believing in me and this story.
Here's to the continued progress for an equal and unbiased military. 
Thank you to all of our nation's heroes for going above and BEYOND the call of duty making those daily sacrifices to keep us all safe and free!!

Army Medic, Private Michael Crest, is quite content in his life with the exception of one thing—he’s in need of a good man and has his sights set on another medic, Specialist Jared Prophet.
The problem? Jared’s in deep denial about his sexuality.
After an unexpected, erotic exchange, Jared decides his only recourse is to distance himself from Michael and plans a trip to his family’s lake-house with friends, which would have worked, if one of his friends hadn’t invited Michael to tag along.
As a tropical storm hits the Texas Gulf Coast, the two men give into unbridled passion. But more than the weather gets rough when the storm passes and Jared learns his parents are among the missing.
Can the lovers endure the fallout or will unearthed truths prove more devastating than any natural disaster?
 After all, just because they aren’t gonna ask, doesn’t mean they want you to tell…


Prefer it on your Kindle or other eReader device? 
No problem. 
You will find it in all of those formats here:

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  1. Yey! It's a fab moment when you hold your print copy in your hands!