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Tyler Robbins' new M/M/M release, Immortal Thirst!!

An immortal thirst can never be denied,
 especially when it’s a thirst for each other!!

It's finally here! My latest GLBT story, and this one not only has a sexy ex-Navy SEAL, but it's teaming with vampires and vampire hybrids!! 

AND it just made the TOP 100 Paid in Kindle sales list on Amazon!! 

#49 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Gay & Lesbian

#49 in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Gay

I promise not to keep you waiting a second longer
So, enjoy this snippet from, Immortal Thirst!!

Vampire, Tristan Deveraux, savored the night with his young progeny, Caleb, by his side. Satisfying his shameless desires, he took what he wanted without reprisal or regret, until Gauge Roberts darkened his door. 
Gauge, an ex-Navy Seal, offered more than muscles and brawn when he became Tristan’s personal security coordinator. Surrendering to an undeniable attraction, the dominating soldier scratched an itch both had ignored far too long.
 A remarkable bond is quickly formed between the three very different men, allowing each to fulfill individual needs while maintaining separate but equal relationships, until a surprising enemy threatens to destroy it all. 
Will they survive the deadly fight, or is heartbreak the only price for satisfying their kind’s immortal thirst?

     Unable to stand another second of the incredible orgasm, Tristan withdrew then collapsed onto the sofa. His mind whirled with warring thoughts of Gauge and then of Caleb. How would his protégé react to Tristan’s desires for the other man? Did he owe his creation an explanation at all?  
         They’d shared lovers before, but this was different. Tristan didn’t want Gauge for a kinky romp. Part of him wanted to keep the hybrid around for a while, and that was quite a contrast from the current arrangement he shared with Caleb. 
        Now, if Tristan could only get past the fact that Gauge intended to kill his brother. Wrapping his head around that information would take a little more time. 
      Caleb got up and stood before Tristan, his spent cock dangling in Tristan’s face. 
       “Sorry I didn’t return the favor.” Guilt weighed heavily on Tristan’s mind, knowing all too well he’d only reached orgasm this time because he’d been fixated on his lust for Gauge.
       “You always satisfy me, sire.” Caleb’s sweet smile encouraged one in return from Tristan.
        He took his lover’s hand in his and caressed his fingers. “Stay with me tonight?” 
         “As you wish.”
Tristan rose from the sofa and headed for the door while Caleb remained behind to oversee the removal of the food he’d prepared for their guest, and to make sure any remnants of their own meal hadn’t been left behind. Caleb was quite thorough with his duties. 
         As Tristan entered the hallway, he found Gauge leaning against the wall a few yards away from the door. 
      When their eyes met, Tristan’s stomach fluttered with excitement. He sauntered toward him, his body reacting to Gauge in ways he’d never experienced with other men, not even Caleb. “Been here long?” 
      Gauge drew in a deep breath and exhaled. “Long enough to know Kathryn Guthrie knew what the fuck she was doing after all.”
Though intrigued by the reply, Tristan fought hard not to let on. “How so?”
       Gauge started toward him until they met in the middle. His scent had deepened, adopting a musky, feral aroma that made Tristan’s balls tighten and pulse with need.
          Tristan backed against the wall.
     Gauge towered over him, muscular arms settling on both sides of Tristan’s head as he pinned him in. “Make no mistake. When I decide to give you what you want, you need to know that I won’t settle for anything less than all of you.”
          A worrisome pinch irritated Tristan’s side. “Caleb is my—”
       “I’m not talking about that. Caleb serves his purpose well, and I’m sure I’ll find use of his talents quite pleasing myself, but where our business is concerned, your head better be in the game or I’ll make you regret it.”
Tristan swallowed hard and nodded. 
        Gauge leaned in and barely skimmed his lips across Tristan’s. 
       Just as Tristan responded and moved in for more, Gauge pulled back and walked away without a second glance.

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Rebecca Brochu's Back With, The Baker Gets His Man!!

   It's been a minute since the adorable Rebecca Brochu visited last, but we're so glad she remembered how to get here.
    In case you haven't met her, or have yet to discover her wonderful books, let's catch you up!

Make sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of 
The Baker Gets His Man!!

     Rebecca Brochu is a fellow Evernight author who lives in a small town in North Carolina, surrounded by fields and fresh air. Naturally, she spends most of her days crouched in front of a keyboard or curled up with a book.  As an avid video game and anime enthusiast, it would be an understatement to say that Rebecca has a vivid imagination. With a collection of games, dvd's, and books that number too many to count, she’s often neck deep in some fantasy world.  Rebecca is also the proud owner of two haughty cats and one encouraging dog.

     Now, let's take a peek at what Rebecca's brought to share with us...

     Jacob Stine, one of the owners of the town’s bakery, has wanted Race Carroway since the moment they first met much to the amusement of his best friend Kyle.  Despite the obvious tension between them he’s always assumed that the hunky mechanic would never be interested in him.  Jacob’s contented himself with admiring Race from a distance until the day he’s forced to call him for help.
     When the encounter turns steamy and then ends with Race running off without an explanation Jacob is torn between hurt and confusion.  He has to make the decision between finally moving on and trusting Race with one more chance.  Will the baker have what it takes to get his man?

Adult Excerpt:
     The wet heat of his mouth was almost torturous, and Jacob scrambled to find something to hold on to.  His hands skated over the top of Race’s buzzed hair for a moment before he forced them away to claw at the wood behind him.  Race reached up and grabbed one of Jacob’s hands, placing it on the back of his own head and pressing in silent permission.
     Jacob felt his heart skip a beat, but then it was back to racing hard and fast in his chest as he cupped the back of Race’s head in his palm and gave a short, shallow thrust of his hips.  Race hummed low in his throat, and the vibration sent chills down Jacob’s spine. He pushed forward harder, forced his cock farther down Race’s throat.  Race swallowed, and Jacob couldn’t help himself after that.  
     His free hand went up to clutch at his own hair as he used the other to maneuver Race on his cock.  One minute he pressed in deep, could feel the heat of Race’s breath on his hair and his tongue lapping at his base, and then he would pull him back, let him suckle at the head for a second before doing it all over again.  Jacob was intoxicated by the very idea of having Race, strong muscular Race, even a tiny bit under his control, even when it was painfully obvious that Race allowed it to happen.
     He’d been so on edge around Race for so long that he knew he wasn’t going to last long, couldn’t last long, not with the way Race sucked him hard and fast and then soft and slow.  Not with the way Race took him deep and hummed around his shaft, only to pull back and lave the head of his cock with his tongue.  Jacob could feel it building, could feel his balls drawing up and tightening, and the hand on the back of Race’s head moved to his shoulder to push frantically in warning.
     Race’s mouth came off of his cock with an obscene noise and then his hands were in its place, trailing up and down his shaft, stroking him fast and confident as his thumb flirted with his slit.
     “Come on, Jacob.  Want to see you.  Been wanting to see you for months.”  Race practically crooned at him, and the sight of him there, normally taciturn and dour-looking Race on his knees, eyes blown wide from desire and lips red from sucking his cock, was too much for Jacob.  His eyes slammed closed of their own accord, and he felt the orgasm punch its way through his body as he spilled over the tight circle of Race’s finger while Race continued to croon at him almost sweetly.

Here's where you can find Rebecca and 
"The Baker Gets His Man!!

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The Baker Gets His Man!!

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Michaela Rhua drops by to play a little "Truth or Dare"!!

Welcome back everyone!!
Last post was all about the guys thrilling a girl, but today we're in for a lovely treat!! 
This post is all about the ladies!! 
Please help me give a warm welcome to my fellow Evernight author, Michaela Rhua as she dishes all the yummy deets about her new release, Truth or Dare!!!

Here's what we know about Michaela:

Michaela Rhua always dreamed of writing, but this never happened until she met the lovely group of ladies known as UCW. Their passion for writing and encouragement inspired her to see if she could do it too. Now she loves writing!
She has teenage children and a husband, who also keep her busy. However, it is whilst travelling into work that she has time to create her characters and imagine other places in which they exist as her world skims by the window. Conversations overheard often lead to the birth of new ideas that she scribbles down in her trusty notebook.
Michaela is a multi-published author with Breathless Press, Evernight Publishing and a self-published anthology with authors from The Nuthouse Scribblers.

Welcome Michaela, take it away...

May I just start by saying thank you for letting me visit your blog.
I am really excited and nervous with this release. It is my first solo book with Evernight Publishing and my first Alternative Erotic story. It is called Truth or Dare and centres around two friends who one day go beyond friendship but all is not roses the next day.

Here is the blurb for you all to give you a flavour.
Leah and Jess have been friends for years, and having set up business together, they are even more aware of the need to keep things strictly professional. However all that changes after one drunken dare leads them to discover unbelievable passion. Who knew when friends become lovers the result would be so explosive and life altering, even if things seem different in the cold light of day. Can two friends face the truth and find happiness or was it a dare too far?

Ready for a little taste?
Leah sat shocked as Jess threw herself into an impromptu sexy routine. She began with seductive hip swinging. She threw her head down in front of Leah, and then quickly back so her golden locks fell messily around her face. Oh hell, she looked so hot.
Next came a slow unbuttoning of her shirt and Jess took her time in revealing a purple lace bra holding those full breasts in place.
Leah took a gulp of wine not believing her eyes.
Jess grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together as the song continued with its sensual lyrics.
 Leah licked her lips, wanting to lick those fulsome breasts.
 Jess took hold of the chair nearest to Leah. Standing on it, she began to unbuckle her belt, which she threw dramatically across the bar.
Leah's mouth went dry at the vision of pure sex on legs in front of her. Moisture leaked from her pussy, wetting her panties. She leaned forward in her chair. The movement created friction against her pussy. The vision before her combined with the spinning light, sensual music, and the friction of the chair was driving her to the brink of orgasm. 
Jess grabbed her crotch and rubbed the area, biting her lip and closing her eyes. She began to unzip her jeans slowly, not taking her eyes off Leah.
That eye-to-eye contact sent shivers of arousal through Leah, but the combination of actions caused the sexy blonde bombshell to lose her balance. Suddenly Leah saw Jess tumble. She shot out of her seat, but she was too late to catch Jess, who hit the floor.
"Oh my God. Are you okay, Jess?" Leah looked down at her friend, who lay with eyes closed and body motionless. Panic rising inside her, she looked round to see where her phone was to call an ambulance.
Suddenly the other woman erupted into a fit of giggles, much to Leah's relief.
"Seriously, Jess, I thought you hit your head or something!"  Leah moaned, letting relief wash over her now that she realized her friend wasn’t hurt. Her heartbeat was just returning to normal.
Jess held out her hand to Leah. Their fingers meshed together and Jess pull her down to the floor.
 As blue eyes held her own, Leah knew her breathing had become uneven. Was this the dream she had longed to come true for so long? The club was silent. The track had finished. The disco lights spun, a shower of multi-colored lights creating a magical space around them.
Leah lowered her head down. It was a now or never moment. She looked at her friend with her halo of golden hair spread around her. She looked like an angel on the midnight floor.
 Jess' eyes softened the closer she got. Leah's lips hovered over hers. She licked them slowly before kissing Jess passionately. She felt Jess' hands in her hair, holding their lips together. She wants this as much as I do. Leah stroked Jess' hair while her other hand went to her breast, squeezing and massaging.
Jess spread her legs under Leah and wrapped them around her, drawing her closer.
Leah ground her hips into Jess, enjoying the friction. She pinched a nipple, eliciting a groan from the woman beneath her. She moved from her lips to her neck, licking and biting the delicate skin down to her breasts. She sucked the hardened nipple though the lace and Jess' moans became louder, her hands holding the back of Leah's head to her breast.
Leah took her time enjoying the body she had longed to make love to. Her pussy was wet, but she wanted to focus on Jess' needs not her own. She went from one nipple to the other before pulling the bra up to reveal full breasts with pink, wet nipples. She squeezed the breasts together, drawing both nipples into the center, then licked a trail from one to another.
Jess squirmed under her, gasping with each lick.
Leah kissed down her flat stomach to her hips. Her zipper was halfway down so Leah unzipped it completely, revealing matching lace undies. She pulled at the jeans.
Jess sat up a little to help ease them off, removing her shirt and bra at the same time.
She lay down and Leah drank in the sight of her creamy skin, pink in places where she had sucked or gently bitten. She buried her head between Jess' legs, and she found the lace was wet with the other woman's juices. Leah sucked her clit through the lace, enjoying the taste of her.

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Welcome author Silvia Stancil and Double Vision

Hold on to your knickers boys and girls, it's about to get hot up in here!
Please help me welcome our first M/F/M menage to Tyler's Naughty Notions, with Silvia Stancil's, Double Vision!!
But first, let's get to know a little about Silvia!
Leave a comment and be entered in a drawing for a free digital copy of Double Vision!!

Silvia Stancil lives in beautiful South Carolina with her husband, young son, and all the characters in her head. She holds a degree in English and spends her free time writing, running by the ocean, and wearing too much eye makeup. Silvia writes erotica, mainstream romance, horror and YA under multiple pen names.

Independent bartender Kit Blank has a problem lately, and it comes in the form of Jax Heart, the sexiest and most sophisticated vampire in the entire city. While she’s more than happy to hit the sheets, chat it up, and spend all her free time with Jax, the thought of actually committing to him leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Worse yet, as much as she digs Jax, he’s been completely turning her off lately by pushing her toward a real commitment…the kind that comes with fangs. Kit is torn. Does she really love Jax, or is she truly only ready for a boy toy?
But it appears she may have underestimated Jax, who shows up at Club Heat to surprise her in a whole new ensemble…leather jacket, hand ties and all. The only problem is, when Kit’s ready for round two, Jax doesn’t actually remember any of it.  Is Jax lying? Has Kit gone crazy? Or are they both suffering from a mysterious case of double vision?

“Is that a vampire down here?” one of the wolf shifters asked. He cocked his brow and emitted a little growl. “Don’t they know Thursday night is...”
“Yeah, yeah,” Kit said with a sigh. “Thursday night is Shifter Night, but he’s a friend of mine, okay? Oh, look. There’s Janika.”
The young blonde girl at the door was Kit’s close friend as well as co-worker. She had been working at Club Heat for two years, almost as long as Kit had. Janika certainly knew the ropes well enough to take over the bar for a while, even if Kit was technically the supervisor. More than likely, she wouldn’t have an issue with Kit taking some time off for some hanky-panky in the utility room with Jax. Janika was a fun sort, if not a little bitchy.
“Janika!” Kit greeted her co-worker with a smile. “A pleasure to see you. You mind taking over for a little bit wile I spend some time with a friend of mine?”
Janika turned up her nose. Her former sorority girl facade must have been a hard thing to kick, after all. But, she was cool enough.
Kit gave her friend a goofy smile as she waited for an answer.
“Jax?” Janika asked. “You’ve got to be kidding me. What’s a vamp doing down here on...”
“Yeah, on Shifter Thursdays,” Kit said. She put her hands up and shrugged. “He came to see me. Can you hold the bar down for awhile or what?”
“Yeah, sure.” Janika pulled a washrag from her apron to wipe down the bar. “Missed a spot, Kit.”
Kit laughed and flipped her co-worker off as she hopped over the bar. She practically dragged Jax off his barstool. There was something different about him tonight, something animalistic that just begged to be unleashed. He was almost like a shifter, seemingly fitting for Shifter Thursday.
“Back here, back here.” Kit pulled him to the area behind the bar and scrambled to unlock the door to the utility room. “I can’t believe you’re up for this. This is so unlike you.”
“Yeah, well.” Jax shoved her into the closet and slammed the door behind him. “I’m up for all kinds of new things, lately,” he told her. Jax reached up to pull the string that turned the light on. “Are you, baby?”
Jax was certainly being weird, but it would do. Already, her skirt had slid around her ankles. His hands weren’t shy as he examined her and fondled two fingers into her pussy. Kit had already gotten wet from the thought of Jax lightening up. She missed their kinky no-strings attached sex.
“There we are,” he growled.
She realized the tip of his pinky finger had penetrated just a little bit into her asshole. Kit shuddered, going to protest. She had never done such a thing. He slapped her on the ass, hard. Kit’s felt her eyes widen in both shock and pleasure.
“Don’t talk,” he commanded. Jax grabbed her wrists. He tied a black, silk scarf around them, binding her hands together.
“Oh, Jax...”
Another slap on the ass, hard enough to make her squeal.
“I thought I told you not to talk. Now, you may answer my questions if I address you. Yes, sir?”
Slap. That one had been so hard it reverberated into her legs. Kit bit her lip. This was too hot. This wasn’t Jax. But it was. “Yes sir,” she purred.
“Excellent,” he said. “Do you know what I have in my hands, Kit? What I’m about to put somewhere we’ve never played before?”
“No, sir.”
Kit held back a squeal as the sensation of tiny beads slid inside her ass. Jax slid his hand down neatly between her parted lips. He easily used her soaking wet pussy to lube up her asshole. The little beads slid in and out fast. They twisted in different directions and caused sensations inside Kit that she hadn’t known possible.
“Oh, shit,” she muttered. Another slap rang on her bare ass, causing her to let out a little squeak. The sound bought her another slap.
“There we go,” he said. Jax gently pulled back the beads. He left just a few of them inside of her and brought it from one side to another with a firm pressure. He pulled her lips apart again. The next thing she knew, he was inside her. The beads jiggled back and forth as he grunted his way into her insides. The vampire jammed up so far inside of her that it hurt for a minute.
“What has gotten into you?” she gasped. Kit tried to grab at the wall for support before she remembered she was tied up.
“What you said to me last night got into me,” he said in a low voice. He slapped her good on the thigh, hard enough to make a red mark. “That’s for talking. You said I was emo, Kit. Emo kid. I’m here to show you I’m not.”



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Double Vision!!

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Evernight Publishing's Valentine's Day H0P!!

Happy Valentine's Day boys and girls!!
It's been a minute since I've posted anything, but there's good reason for it and you'll understand as 2013 unfolds and a bounty of new books start to release one by one!!

Before we celebrate the new books, let's have a little fun with the one that started it all!!

To get the most out of this Valen-tabulous Hop you will need to read the excerpt below, from "Beyond Honor" and answer the question about what you read. 
Easy enough, right? 
Then, click on the Evernight Facebook page link and let me know you've "liked" it and I will put your name into a drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate for Evernight Publishing or a $10.00 gift card for Amazon. ONE winner will be chosen PER PRIZE and I will announce those winners after the hop!!

Sound like fun??
Well, let's get to it then...

Army Medic, Private Michael Crest, is quite content in his life with the exception of one thing—he’s in need of a good man and has his sights set on another medic, Specialist Jared Prophet.
The problem? Jared’s in deep denial about his sexuality.
After an unexpected, erotic exchange, Jared decides his only recourse is to distance himself from Michael and plans a trip to his family’s lake-house with friends, which would have worked, if one of his friends hadn’t invited Michael to tag along.
As a tropical storm hits the Texas Gulf Coast, the two men give into unbridled passion. But more than the weather gets rough when the storm passes and Jared learns his parents are among the missing.
Can the lovers endure the fallout or will unearthed truths prove more devastating than any natural disaster?
After all, just because they aren’t gonna ask, doesn’t mean they want you to tell…


Michael eased up onto his elbow, painfully mindful of his probable injury. “I’m glad my busted ribs are amusing.”
Jared rose on all fours and crawled over to Michael, stifling his laugh. “I doubt they’re broken, but I’ll check them out to make sure, then get you back to the infirmary.”
“Nah, that’s okay. I’ll be okay.”
Jared knelt before Michael, towering over him.
As Michael looked up, the morning sun radiated over Jared’s head, and a surge of warmth ricocheted across Michael’s skin.
“If they’re broken and you move the wrong—”
“I know, I know. It could puncture my lung.”
Jared cracked a smile. “Right, so take off your shirt, and let’s take a look.”
Michael’s heart raced as he managed to fight through the blast of pain and sat up. He leaned against the giant tree that had stopped his fall and braced for the uncomfortable moments he knew were about to occur.
Jared waited, his gaze fixed on Michael’s hands.
Michael figured Jared would turn away or say something as he lifted his t-shirt up over his torso, but instead, Jared’s hands trembled as he reached down and helped Michael draw it over his head without saying a word.
The forest suddenly became eerily still.
Michael glared up at Jared, half expecting him to disappear. He bit his tongue, holding back any sound capable of breaking the spell Jared seemed to have fallen under.
Jared eased closer, still on his knees and slowly lifted the bottom of Michael’s wife-beater, then pulled it up and over his head. For a few intense seconds, Michael sat before him, his bare chest about to explode from his heart pounding furiously inside.
Jared licked his lips and moved toward Michael, as if in slow motion, until the palms of his hands were flush against Michael’s chest. Michael’s nipples beaded as Jared’s fingers lightly skimmed over his flesh.
It was then that Jared finally looked Michael in the eyes, and Michael held his breath as a silent conversation passed between them.
Jared’s jaw flexed taut, and he lowered his head so slowly, Michael was sure he would lose his mind from the sheer thrill of anticipation. He’d forgotten all about the pain, and Jared was definitely not examining his ribs.
Michael lifted his chin, and before he knew it, Jared’s lips grazed his.
Jared snapped back as though he’d been zapped by lightning. His bright blue eyes smoldered, and then he closed them and pressed his mouth to Michael’s once again. This time though, he didn’t stop.
Michael acted on desires he’d hidden for weeks and moved his hand behind Jared’s head, drawing him even closer. His tongue plunged in deep, and his cock hardened at the sound of Jared’s deep moan.
Jared pulled him in tighter and kissed him harder, so hard their teeth clanked together sending a little twinge of discomfort shooting across Michael’s gums. The faint metallic taste of blood filled his mouth, but he ignored it. Nothing was going to interrupt.
He struggled to breathe as Jared’s hands began to wander. He reached down and grabbed Michael’s hand and without hesitation planted it right across his cock. The long, thick shaft bulged behind Jared’s zipper, and Michael struggled to contain his delight.
Jared rose, towering over Michael like a god demanding adoration.
Michael had never done this, but he’d never wanted anything more. He fumbled with Jared’s zipper and unfastened his pants, panting like a kid in a candy store as he freed his prize.
Jared clasped Michael’s shoulders then, nudging him back, his eyes widened, and a look of sheer panic flashed across Jared’s face. “So help me, if you ever tell—”
“I-I won’t. I swear.”
Jared cupped the back of Michael’s neck and brought his head toward Jared’s crotch.
Michael leaned in to the swollen prick pulsating in his hand. The instant his lips touched the bulbous tip, the salty-sweet taste of pre-cum filled his mouth, and Jared’s entire body seized under Michael’s touch. 


Michael isn't gonna trust just anyone to mash around on his possibly broken ribs, so what makes Jared such an expert on the subject of his injury?

Post your answer in a comment below and don't forget to let me know you've "liked" Evernight's Facebook Page, too!!
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