Monday, April 22, 2013

A-Musing Tips for Understanding Your Muse

      I decided to hang out with my favorite peeps today... YOU!!!
     I hope to share some well-earned, 'gray-haired' wisdom, and give you a peek at my upcoming release, A Beautiful Lie.
     I also hope you're all ready for a little fun. So smile, you're all too beautiful for frown-lines!! *wink

    Some wonder how a 40-something female author could ever be so bold as to write gay romance…especially with two, and sometimes even three, heroes.
    While I don’t have an eloquent explanation, I do have a reply…my muse made me do it!!
    At first, I was intimidated by the idea, but that soon turned into excitement. Before I knew it, my muse’s interest, having been piqued, swiftly argued, ‘Who better to tell a story about men than someone who loves them?’
   Yes, my muse speaks to me, and yes, he is male. Weird, I know, but that’s how it worked out. Who am I to argue?
    I must admit, I have very few gay (male) friends, though the ones I do have, I consider near and dear to my heart.
    I do, however, have a plethora of lesbian friends—always have, always will.  
    Whether or not any of that had anything to do with taking on the challenge of writing gay romance is neither here nor there, but it did give me an advantage when it comes to perspective...and THAT can be important when writing about such controversial issues as bigotry, equal rights and everything else that goes along with the subject. I tackle those things as often as possible, and try to work these issues into each and every story.
   Not one to shy away from expressing sexual freedoms, and exploration of new experiences, my thoughts of the endeavor were, why the hell not?
   The venture has taught me a few things, so I decided to impart a few words of wisdom to anyone wondering how to read between the lines when dealing with a clever and sometimes rebellious muse:

1.  If said muse begins to dig in his/her heels, let them. Stop writing, and play a game of Mahjong or something. They aren’t much different than children really, so when they get hungry enough, they’ll be more receptive to compromise, and will usually play nice.

2. Not every instance of writer’s block can be cured with porn. No matter how many times your muse tries to tell you otherwise. Remember who you’re dealing with and firmly, but gently limit them to only one hour of porn a day. Sometimes, less is truly more. J

3. No matter what your muse tries to tell you, writing does not require carbs. You’re the one sitting all day at a computer, not your muse, so those Lays, Pringles, Doritos, or whatever your muse insists you need, aren’t going to be worked off anytime soon—step away and nibble on some grapes instead.

4. Chocolate, however, is not only your muse’s friend, it can also be yours, especially during those times when writing love scenes become repetitive or boring. Yup, a sinful piece of quality chocolate can bring the sexy back.

5. *for female writers*— When writing m/m love scenes, take into account your own experiences with the male gender of our species. Weigh your expertise against your muse’s, and settle on a happy medium. Come on, you know you know how the puzzle fits together, so have your muse pass the lube, then write whatever comes naturally.

6. Your muse can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Either way, listen to them, even if you’re not sure. Most times they do know what’s best, and for the times they don’t, see tip #2, and figure it out yourself.


   Keep an eye out for my next m/m erotic romance, A Beautiful Lie,  releasing from Evernight Publishing on April 30th.
   Here’s a little taste for those looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ to add to your reading list:

Jesse Reagan has had more than his share of tragedy, and he may have been dealt another blow when, once again, cancer threatens the sister who raised him. Faced with the possibility of being left behind, Jesse vows to care for her young son, though he’s not convinced he can.
When Trip Cantrell returns to town, he’s blindsided the instant he’s reunited with his kid brother’s lifelong friend, Jesse. His inability to find happiness in the years he’s been gone, suddenly makes sense. Love’s been waiting at home all along.
Life begins to look promising, except for the fact that neither have come out of the closet publicly, and that’s not even their biggest problem. Someone has a secret so shocking they may never find a way past it.
Will they be accepted in their small Texas town, or will secrets, lies, and the threat of tragedy destroy everything?

Some small towns just aren’t meant to hold big secrets.

Adult Excerpt:

    Trip could feel the tension radiating from the other man. Following his instincts, he gripped Jesse’s shoulder and squeezed. “You’re not alone you know. If you ever want to talk or need help with anything, let me know.”
    Jesse turned his head, shocking the hell out of Trip by leaning in to where Trip held his shoulder, slightly brushing his cheek against Trip’s fingers.
    Trip tightened his grip, savoring the feel of Jesse’s skin touching his. Was he imagining it?
    Jesse slowly lifted his chin as his green eyes, darkening by the second, settled on Trip.
    Trip’s heart raced, and his hardening cock pressed against the zipper of his jeans. Was this really happening?
    He inched closer, inhaling deep, losing himself in the aroma of Jesse’s quite memorable cologne. He swallowed hard, his lips tingling at the thought of Jesse’s mouth on his.
    Jesse’s chest rose and fell, his breathing grew louder by the second, infiltrating Trip’s mind until his own breaths caught up, matching Jesse’s pants breath for heated breath. Jesse’s eyelids lowered to half-mast, his desire obvious as fuck.
    Trip reacted on instinct alone, no thinking, just doing. He pulled Jesse closer until their lips were centimeters apart. Jesse’s exhales warmed Trip’s skin.
    The night went silent the instant Jesse’s soft lips grazed Trip’s.
    Seconds felt like hours until Trip engulfed Jesse’s mouth all together. With hungry sweeps, Trip dove deeper, sucking, and tangling his tongue with Jesse’s. He cupped the back of Jesse’s neck, and held on as their mouths warred for dominance over the other.
    Trip gasped when Jesse’s wandering hand discovered his erection through his jeans. “Fuck.”
    Hot air poured over Trip’s neck as Jesse’s kisses blanketed his throat.
    “I’ve wanted to do that all night.” Trip splayed his fingers through Jesse’s silky, black hair, hoping against hope Jesse would move his mouth lower.
    Jesse fumbled with the buttons on Trip’s shirt, and plucked the first few open. He worked his way across Trip’s chest, circling Trip’s erect nipples with his warm, wet tongue. 
    “Shit, Jesse.” Trip struggled to catch his breath. Everything was so intense, moved so fast, Trip could hardly tell if it was real.
    He leaned Jesse back, seizing the few stolen moments he hoped were actually happening. His kisses grew heavier, and his need increased. He’d take it as far as Jesse would let him. He had no choice. Please let this be real

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I thought "Beyond Honor" was awesome and I have your two newest books at the top of my TBR stack.

    1. Thanks so much, honey. I hope you enjoy the others as well!
      Tyler (Robin)