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Evernight's Book Boyfriend Blog H0P!

April 15th - 21st!!

Book Boyfriends...

They can be strong and sexy, dark and dangerous, rebellious and reckless or cute and quirky. We love to fall in love with these irresistible heroes and Evernight Publishing has them all!

The authors of Evernight invite you to a Speed Date challenge. Their cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, shifters, even steam-powered heroes are waiting to meet you on each author website. 50 heroes in 7 days! Are you up for the challenge?

Pull up a chair and get to know every
single one. 

      I'd love to introduce you to my hero ... Jared Prophet from Beyond Honor!

     It's kind of hard not to become intimate with a man you’ve created. So, naturally, Jared said all the things I wanted to hear, and looked exactly how I'd imagined.
     Too bad for me, he had a mind of his own and fell in love with an equally sexy man named Michael Crest.
     Although Jared was a reluctant hero, had more issues than an MTV reality show, he was my hero and he was the first gay man I ever fell head over heels for… boy can I pick ‘em!! 
      Jared's here for a little chat, so let's get started!

Tyler: First of all, Jared, it’s great to see you.
Thanks for being a good sport. I’ve missed you and I’m dying to know how you and Michael are doing.
Jared: Nice to see you again, too, Tyler. Michael’s great. Sexy as hell and keeping me happier than any man deserves.

Tyler: So things are pretty good, huh?
Jared: *smiles widely … Things couldn’t be better.

Tyler: That's wonderful. The bird’s eye view of your tumultuous beginning had me on pins and needles, so knowing all is well in the land of love makes it all worth it.
Jared: Yeah, I kinda gave Mike a tough time. I had some stuff to work through, but when you have a man like him in your corner…well let’s just say, he left me no choice but to man-up and face reality.

Tyler: How’s it been going now that you’re officially “out” of the military and “out” as a gay man?
Jared: *chuckles… I miss living on base and training new medics, but comin' home to Michael every night makes up for it. 
     As for being out of the proverbial closet in my personal life, well it is what it is. I’ve lost some friends, but I’ve gained some new friends, or should I say real friends. Michael and I can manage if we stick together and surround ourselves with people who love us.

Tyler: I’m so happy to hear that. I know from getting to know the two of you that you’re quite passionate about your feelings for each other and for those people you care most about.
Jared: Passion is a term I’ve come to embrace, especially where Michael's concerned. *rubs his jaw and grins wickedly. What can I say, he really knows how to make my toes curl. *wink

Tyler: I saw that twinkle in your eye. I take it you're thinking about Michael?
Jared: That obvious, huh? People say I'm Michael’s knight in shining armor, but to me, he’s the one who rode in and saved me, not the other way around. Do you think I’ll lose my man card for saying that? *cheeks flush red as the grin grows wider

Tyler: I think you rock the man card quite nicely. So, are you guys planning to take the relationship a step farther?
Jared: Just between you and me, if I were going to take the plunge and make our relationship official, I would. As it stands now, that’s not possible in Texas. I will say that if Michael would like a small ceremony, I’d definitely be willing to put a ring on his finger.

Tyler: Holy crap! I hope I’m not hearing about this before Michael.
Jared: No, we’ve talked about it. All that’s standing in our way is timing. We really just need everything to fall into place and it would be a done deal.

Tyler: Well, if and when it happens, I could definitely help you with the honeymoon.
Jared: I bet you'd figure a way to make sure Mike and I enjoy every minute of it.

Tyler: You two are at your best in the heat of things. Those hot and steamy nights have been some of my favorite. I hope you and Michael continue to have many more passionate moments.
Jared: That'll never be a problem. Mike has a way of getting what he wants out of me and has even talked me into to some pretty kinky stuff. *looks around, cheeks flushed red. Am I saying too much?

Tyler: Not at all. My readers and I like it naughty.
Jared: Then I’ll just say naughty is only the tip of the iceberg and leave it at that.

Tyler: Damn, you sure know how to tease a woman.
Jared: *laughs  Tyler, you of all people should know about my experience with that.

Tyler: True, but I must say, I think you’re a lot more comfortable with Michael than you ever were with any female.
Jared: I agree, but only because I should have stepped up and followed my heart from the start. I’m just glad that I did and that it led me to Mike.

Tyler: You and me both, Jared. I’m grateful you two let me tag along for the ride. Thanks for that.
Jared: You’re very welcome, but I should be thanking you for sharing mine and Michael’s story with everyone. You helped us find each other and that’s something neither of us will ever forget.

Tyler: Jared, it was my pleasure. I’ll let you get back to your man. Give him a hug and a kiss, and tell him we wish you both the best.
Jared: I sure will, and we both wish you the best with your future stories. Keep up the hot romance and the man-love. Just don’t forget that we were your first!

Tyler: That, my friend, would be impossible to forget!!


Leave a comment below, along with your email address, and tell Tyler and Jared what you think makes a man a hero! Brawn? Brains? Loyalty? Passion? Or something entirely different?

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  1. Love Beyond Honor and of course Tyler and Jared...I think strength and loyalty are awesome traits an I see them in both Tyler and Jared.

  2. Tyler and Jared I think it is heart that makes a Hero it controls everything except for brawn, you can have brawn if you have the heart.

  3. It's really a combination of all the traits mentioned.


  4. What makes a man a hero for me is loyatly, to his other half and his family.I love a good hero :)


  5. It's really a combination of all the traits mentioned.

  6. Loyalty, bravery and passion. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  7. Courage and loyalty all the way. These guys have some great chemistry!!

  8. Sexy, loyal, confident, and protective with a wicked sense of humor. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. I think doing what is correct makes a man a hero.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  10. A real man is honest, loyal, and has a great sense of humor. Those qualities will wrap me right around his little finger!
    Thanks for the great hop!

  11. Honesty, strength of conviction, loyalty, courage.

    1_trouble at msn dot com

  12. Loyalty, passion, and honor :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  13. Standing up for what he believes in.

  14. I think what makes a man a hero is when he will sacrifice EVERYTHING, even his own life for those he loves and what he thinks is right!
    (I LOVE M/M romance!! Loved your pics too :) )
    Ashley A

  15. I think loyalty and honor make a hero.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  16. I think it's a combination of all the traits listed along with a sense of humor and protectiveness.


  17. I think a hero needs many qualities: brains, compassion, loyalty and strength are just a few.

    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

  18. i now if i got the paper book of this my gay neighbor would red it

    desi the blonde at msn dot com

  19. I think the passion to do the right things and help others makes a hero n.kuhn.acn (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. protectiveness to show he cares about others
    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  21. I would have to say Passion and being protective and strong (standing up for whats right).. Those things make a man a hero

    j.m.platt83 at gmail dot com

  22. My perfect hero is tall, muscular, Alpha,bad-ass, protective, vulnerable, majorly flawed but ultimately redeemable!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttict

  23. He'd be strong, loyal, and compassionate.

  24. Hmm. Whatever they believe in themselves. Being loyal, helping others, honest and passionate. Thank you!

  25. Loyalty above all Loyalty to ones self. To betray ones self is to destroy ones worth.

    sailoreternaldiamond @ yahoo

  26. LOVE the wanted poster! What makes a man a hero - risking his life for mine!

  27. Brawn? Yes
    Brains? Yes
    Loyalty? Yes
    Passion? Yes
    Understanding, honesty, protective, courtesy and acceptance...

    Thank for sharing the post :)


  28. Devotion and intelligence are my top picks!


  29. Honor, loyalty, and passion
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  30. The hero trait that I love the most is selflessness. In spite of everything, if the man is selfless it's unnervingly attractive. I also do love that alpha male air where they control anything and all other men shake in their wake.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  31. Honesty and loyalty...those are the beginnings of the making of a hero.

  32. Loyalty and honor make the best heroes.

  33. I prefer loyalty and passion in my heros!


  34. Loyalty and love.


  35. I would say honesty and loyalty would be of most importance!