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Anais Morgan & her M/M Romance, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with my youngest daughter going back to high school, my oldest daughter starting college, and my oldest son transferring jobs. I'm surprised I didn't trip over myself coming and going.
Just in case you're wondering, yes, my already grown and nearly grown kids still live at home, and mama likes it that way!! J
However, there is something I like more than a full nest and that’s a juicy M/M novel, which makes today's guest all the more welcome.
Sit back, prop your feet up and enjoy the excerpt, Anais Morgan is sharing from her new release, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now!!

When they finally find love, can it survive the scrutiny?

Vincent’s days at work are spent admiring a hot hunk of man flesh named Jason. Unfortunately, Jason is straight—or so Vincent believes. When Jason asks Vincent out to a sporting event, he confesses he’s interested, and Vince has no problem exploring these feelings with Jason. After a night of passion, they decide they’ve held back their true feelings for too long and want to try a committed relationship.
Just as things start to work for them, their boss finds out that they’re gay. He turns them in for on-the-clock PDA and tells their co-workers. Can Vincent and Jason’s relationship hold up against that kind of hatred?


A knock came on the door. I walked over and unlocked the deadbolt. Jason smiled as I opened it. He stepped on the threshold, his brows furrowing the way they always had at work. Something was bothering him.
“We good?” I asked.
He hesitated before answering. “Yeah. Can I talk to you about something?”
“Sure.” I stepped aside to allow him to come in farther. After closing the door, I asked, “What’s up?”
He waited a few seconds, concern warping his gaze. I began to worry.
Jason said, “Look, Vincent, I know you’re gay.”
My teeth chattered while my stomach dropped between my knees. How did he find out? I’d been so careful, always watching my back. My hands shook, my knees wanted to knock so I leaned on one foot, trying to play it cool. “How did … you … umm. Well you see—”
Jason held up his hands in defense. Smiling, he said, “Look, I’m not mad. Actually, I think you’re cute.” He paused. “I’ve always thought something was wrong with me. I love sex, but mostly anal. Women turn me on, but not the way men seem to. Maybe I’m bi? I don’t know. But I want to find out.”
And did I ever want to pull him to my side. I smiled at him, my hands quivering and whispered, “I’ll help you.”
Jason took a step closer. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled me in for a kiss. At first he puckered, unsure of what to do. I led him, kissing his bottom lip gently. He molded his lips to mine, following my lead.
“Want me to help you figure that out?” I opened his mouth with my own, sliding my tongue in. He massaged mine back, licking and playing with it. My body, and my cock, reacted to his touch. I wanted to break away and hug him, maybe jump for joy. But no, I couldn’t. I didn’t want the kiss to end.
Jason let out a small moan and I wanted him even more. Fuck the game, we could do this all night. I slid my hand up to the back of his neck. His hair stood on end. What did this mean? Could he be turned on, too? Or was he mortified?
Jason pulled back, gazing into my eyes. His were wide. He hated it, I could tell. He didn’t want it.
“That was … weird,” he said.
“I’m sorry.”
He smirked. “I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”
My cock twitched with his words. Wow. “That did just happen, didn’t it?”

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Visit for a complete list of the blogs and dates. And as always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.
-Anais Morgan




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M/M Erotic Novel ~ Chasing Matt by Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

Hello my lovelies!!
Welcome back!! Grab a snack and find comfy spot so we can dig right into “Chasing Matt” by Nikka Michaels & Eileen Griffin!!

Chase Williams is a gorgeous but painfully shy web designer whose long term boyfriend dumped him for being such a “nice” guy. Instead of meeting his buddies at the local bar for a drink he helps his elderly neighbor with a DIY project. When a wobbly step ladder leads to a banged up wrist and a trip to the ER Chase is convinced it’s the worst night ever. Then he meets his handsome nurse.
Matt Owens is the boy next door who loves working in the busy ER. He’s more than ready to clock out from his double shift until he meets his patient in Bed 4. Matt’s bedside manner is charming enough to make Chase consider throwing caution to the wind and going after what he wants for a change. But will Matt’s attraction to Chase be enough to make him to break his rule about never dating patients?

Evernight Publishing:


Nurse Matt Owens paused and held my eyes for a minute before leaning over to type some notes on the computer. My skin flushed when he looked away. I liked the feeling of his eyes on me. I only wished he did it with personal interest instead of the clinical way he evaluated my injury.
I shifted on the stretcher as he gently manipulated my wrist, his hands steady and warm through the gloves. The pain was mostly manageable, until he held onto my forearm with one hand, and flexed my hand backward with the other. I jumped and yelped, unable to hide how much even that small movement hurt.
His eyes were sympathetic, but his hands remained firmly on my arm, steadying me. “Sorry. Bad news? There’s a lot of swelling, and the skin is already turning a nice shade of purple.”
He looked back down at my wrist, and manipulated my fingers and wrist again. When he held my hand still and slowly moved his thumb in circles over the top of my wrist, my breath hitched. The pain of the injury mixed with a deeper pleasure that shot straight to my cock. I quickly shifted my good arm to cover my lap.
“Pain?” Matt’s concerned eyes met mine as he moved his thumb, gently rubbing the swollen skin between my thumb and pointer finger.
“A little.”
“Pressure points can help alleviate pain sometimes, but right now you’re too swollen to receive any real benefit. This pressure point is called the Valley of Harmony, but I’m sensing this is less than harmonic for you.”
I thought I saw the smallest hint of a smirk on his lips, but I couldn’t be sure since his face was still tilted down toward my arm. I cursed at myself for getting turned on by a nurse’s clinical exam.
“I’ve just called for a tech from Radiology to escort you down for your scans. Do you have any questions?”
I laughed under my breath. Did I have any questions? A whole litany of questions came to my mind ranging from where the hell was the exit so I can finally go home to what’s your phone number.
After I settled on the new stretcher, the tech wheeled me down the hallway towards Radiology. All I thought about was whether Matt would be there when I got back from the tests. If he was, and I hadn’t killed anyone from the pain taking over my whole body, maybe I’d actually work up the courage to strike up a conversation that had nothing to do with sludgy coffee, sucky fluorescent lighting, or beautiful ER lobbies, and get to know more about Nurse Owens. Maybe I’d embrace the new Chase Williams like Brett wanted me to and actually go after what I wanted for the first time in my life.

Author Bios/Links 

Nikka Michaels lives in the often rainy Pacific Northwest where she spends her time cooking, laughing and crafting romantic tales to satisfy her craving for HEAs.

Eileen Griffin loves to travel and has spent many summers crossing Europe with nothing but a backpack. She enjoys TexMex, good wine and losing herself in a great book.

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Snippet from Tyler's first M/F/M WIP, Honor's Beck and Call

Hello my, lovelies!!
So guess what? In addition to the two M/M WIPs I've been going back and forth on, a reader asked me to write another menage with vampires, only she asked for a female to round out the threesome.
The idea intrigued me, especially if the heroes are just as committed to each other as much as they are to heroine in the middle.
Sounds yummy, right?
I thought so too, only I hadn't realized how much fun it would be. I haven't written much, but I think it's off to a great start.
The following is an excerpt, and I claim it as my original work, so please respect the inferred anti-plagiarism rule of my bog and consider all excerpts and snippets posted by me or my guests as copyrighted material!!  

Honor’s Beck and Call Blurb (inspired by Judie Stewart)

My FAKE cover!
     Honor Christian cares for her ailing benefactor while harboring the vampire who created her in the underground tunnels of the southern manor she now calls home.
     Greyson Beck has a price on his head since breaking away from his original clan. His only hope for survival is to seek refuge in the arms of his loyal progeny, Honor.
     The secluded mansion provides the perfect sanctuary, and they soon forget the danger when Honor comes face to face with the one human she’s never been able to resist; Julien Call, her benefactor’s godson.
     At first, Greyson is torn, but then discovers that his attraction to Julien is mutual. With love in full bloom, the trio inevitably come together, raising the stakes when the enemy comes knocking.
     There’s a thin line between a love that’s too good to be true, and one that’s too true to be good?

Here's your sneak peek!!

     “I don’t think I will ever be able to feel for another girl the way I feel for you.” Julien Call’s heart pounded in his chest and his eyes burned from the salty swell of unshed tears.
     A slight hint of pain darkened Honor’s expression as she gently slid her thumb across his bottom lip. The fair-skinned, raven-haired beauty appeared even more delicate as she sighed deeply. “Julien, you have no idea the hundreds of girls you’re going to encounter in life. You’ll forget all about me soon enough.”
     Julien shook his head. How could he explain that what he was trying to tell her was so much more than a declaration of affection? How could he tell her something he’d known long before they’d shared their amazing summer romance?
     Honor Christian was the only girl he’d ever had feelings for. Period.
     Deep down, Julien had always been aware his attraction to other men, but he’d never known for sure how serious the notion was considering his equal pull toward girls.
     Then again, Honor wasn't just any girl. 
     Honor was so much more than the beautiful, gracious young woman who lived with and cared for his godmother. Four years his elder, she was the only woman he’d even considered making love to, and it had nothing to do with the allure of what she was.
     His feelings had taken root weeks before he discovered her secret.
     No. He’d been drawn to her because of something much deeper than that. Much stronger than the hypnotizing wiles of a vampire, and although he had no words to properly describe it, somehow he knew.
     Vampire or not, Honor Christian was the one woman he’d love forever.

PG Excerpt:

     "Has he called or written, child?”
     Honor peered down at the frail hand lightly gripping her wrist. Her heart was torn in two, unable to lessen her benefactor’s growing concern. “No, ma’am.” Honor caressed Mrs. Goodson’s satiny, translucent skin.
     The elderly woman had taken her in so many years ago, Honor had lost count. Back when the old woman’s hair was the deepest shade of crimson and her skin flawless and smooth.
     Those days had drifted slowly into the past and Honor’s only concern the last few years was to make Mrs. Goodson comfortable and read to her the letters Julien had sent less frequently.
     Time had taken its toll on the generous old woman, leaving only the worrisome shell of a saint behind.
     The Goodsons never had children of her own. Mr. Goodson had been a powerful man; one with many secrets. Honor often wondered if his angelic wife knew of the tunnels under their mansion. Tunnels she herself had never known existed until she and Julien discovered them during their summer together.
     Nearly seven years had passed, and Honor had yet to determine their purpose. Her creator, Greyson, had warned Honor not to dig too deeply in the affairs of humans.   He cautioned that some evils were best left dead and buried and vampires would benefit from minding their own kind.
     Of course he’d say something like that. He’d taken issue with humans long before he ever saved Honor from certain death that wintry night so long ago.
Honor hugged herself, recalling the frigid waters and deadly ice that would have become her grave if the hand of a vampire hadn’t plucked her from the black abyss and given her a new lease on life. A life still shrouded in death, but death of a different kind.
     “He will return.” Mrs. Goodson squeezed her wrist harder. “I know he will.”
     Honor smiled and patted her hand. “You rest. I will be back a little later to check on you.”
     It wouldn’t be long now. Honor could sense the end was near. A slight change had settled in the air around her benefactor and it pained Honor to know that soon, the last inkling of true life in the mansion would be silenced.
     She dimmed the lights and closed the door behind her as she left Mrs. Goodson’s room. Honor wandered down the hallway to her own bedroom.
     Not much had changed in all the time she’d lived there. The antique, turn-of-the-century furniture still reminded her of those old romance novels she’d read when she was a girl. The kind treasured by loveless spinsters of yesteryear who pursued their destinies between the pages of a book rather than actually stepping outside and looking for a real man to latch on to.
     Honor couldn’t blame them though. Times were different then. Now, women were free to choose and free to express themselves in ways women of that era could not. They would surely blush if they knew how determined women of today were to seek satisfaction.
     Honor laughed to herself as she thought of that summer with Julien. The boy with the caramel skin and the swirls of dark hair she’d run her fingers through too many times to count. The taste of his lips, warm and sweet and so different than those of her creator, Greyson.
     Both men had conquered her in their own ways.
     Greyson, with a passion so intense she swooned at the mere thought of his masculine bravado, and Julien, so tender and gentle, his inexperience as charming as the words he’d whisper in her ear as they made love.
     Two lovers, so different, yet so alike in the way Honor had loved them.
     She stretched across her bed and stared out at the moonlight filtering in through her open window as a cool breeze drifted into the room. Morning would be upon her soon and she would be forced to close the shutters and draw the curtains, keeping the deadly rays at bay another day. A small price to pay for immortality it would seem, but one that cut deeply when the yearning for light overwhelmed her.
     It happened less often now. She’d found ways to occupy her time. Greyson helped when he’d sneak away to see her, but when he couldn’t, those were the days she missed Julien the most.
     Missed his warm touch. Missed his hot breath on her skin and the taste of him on her tongue. Not his blood though. She’d never even been tempted. Besides, he’d brought plenty of snacks to fill her good and proper back when they were lovers. Boys from school, the ones he hadn’t really liked much, the ones he said deserved to lose a pint or two.
     Julien could be ruthless when he needed to be, and seeing to it she was fed, seemed like a chore he quite enjoyed.
     Honor sighed deeply at the thought of it. She’d missed that about him, too.
     A deep silence filled the room, bringing with it a heaviness she could almost feel. Something dark loomed in the air, and Honor sat up, sensing it right away. She rushed to the window and peered out over the awning below and scanned the back yard.
     The swaying tree branches stilled, and the hairs at the nape of her neck stood on end, pricking her collar in defiance. Someone was there. She could feel it.
     “You should never leave your doors unlocked, my dear.”
     Honor gasped and whirled around. “Greyson!”
     A devilish grin spread across his face. “You’ve been thinking of me again, haven’t you?”
     Honor stifled her excitement and sauntered past him, returning to her bed. How she loved to tease him. “Among other men.”
     He quickly spun around and appeared at her side in an instant. “Do tell.”
     “You’d like me to tell you of my many lovers.”
     “Many?” His eyes widened with surprise, then softened as he licked his lips in a sultry manner. “Big strapping lads, were they?”
     “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Honor giggled, taking much delight in tormenting him.
     Greyson took her hand and kissed it, inhaling deeply as his lips trailed up her arm. “Tell me, my love.”
     Honor reclined back onto a stack of pillows and smoothed her skirt.
     Greyson stretched out beside her, resting his hand on her thigh. “Tell me of your many lovers.”
     Honor swirled his golden locks around her fingers as she began to toy with her creator. “I’ve had so many, I don’t know where to begin.”
     “Start with the best and leave out the riffraff.”
     The only other man Honor had ever been with other than Greyson was Julien Call, and deep down the assumed Greyson knew that. “I’ve told you this story so many times. Aren’t you bored of it already?”
     Greyson rose up and skinned the tip of his nose gently across her cheek. “I long to hear of you being satisfied, whether by me or another man. Your happiness is my most passionate desire.”
     He truly was remarkable.
     Honor cleared her throat. “This wasn’t just any man—this man was human.”
     Greyson gasped. “Simply scandalous.”

Well, that's all you get. I'd love to hear what you think.

Will Greyson maintain his playful nature after he meets Julien, or will he be green with envy?  

Will Honor be able to handle the sparks that might fly? 

Or could Julien have changed and prove a threat to everything Honor has left ion the world? 

I suppose we'll all find out together!!

Until then, check out something just as fun from my back-list at Evernight or Amazon!!