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Welcome Tamsin Baker and Heart's Truth

Welcome everyone!!
Today we have the amazingly talented, Tamsin Baker and her latest gift to the world, Heart’s Truth!!!
And speaking of truths, that has to be one of the sexiest covers I’ve seen in a while!! If the story inside is half as yummy, this book is gonna be on Best Sellers lists everywhere …
Oh wait!!! It already is!!!
Yup, that’s right, Heart’s Truth is blazing the Amazon trail to the top and I, for one, am keeping a close eye on what happens next!!
Let’s check it out to see what all the fuss is about…

Marcus is a 30-year-old successful architect. He wants someone to love and knows the right man will turn up when he least expects it. That moment arrives at his friend’s party. He sees Danny for only a moment, yet his interest is piqued. What could be more irresistible than a blue-eyed beauty who is completely untouched?
Danny knows he doesn’t find women attractive, but how is he going to find out if he’s gay? His sister’s party answers his prayers and the most gorgeous guy he has ever seen asks him out. But can their love survive when Marcus wants more than a closeted partner and Danny wants nothing more than to hide forever?

Danny hesitated for one heart beat and then stepped closer, lifting his face.
Marcus pulled him closer. Intense brown eyes looked down at him.
“Kiss me.”
Danny took a quick breath and closed his eyes as he brought his lips to meet Marcus’s. Marcus didn’t take over, simply held the kiss. Danny became frustrated, wanting the passion from before.
He moaned, low in his throat, hoping the noise would inspire something. It did.
Marcus wrapped his big arms around him and Danny threaded his fingers into the thick brown hair he had been longing to touch.
Long seconds passed before Marcus broke off the most heated kiss of Danny’s life. He took a step back, hitting the side of the house.
“I thought you didn’t know what to do.”
Danny smiled. He couldn’t help it. “I just followed your example.”
Marcus pushed himself up. “You don’t know what you’ve started Danny. I want so much more than just a kiss from you.”
A lump formed in Danny’s throat, but he swallowed it down.
“Like what?”
Marcus pointed to the fence, his voice low and menacing. “Put your hands against the fence and I’ll tell you.”
Real fear hit Danny at the same time as a huge wave of lust. He wouldn’t have consciously been able to say which feeling was stronger, but as he turned and placed his hands on the fence, he knew his lust had won out.
Marcus stepped up behind him and put his hands next to Danny’s on the fence. His breath was hot on Danny’s ear and his pelvis pushed into Danny’s arse.
Danny bit his lip in an attempt not to moan aloud. It felt so good to be surrounded by this hot, large man. He felt wanted, protected. Horny beyond bearing.
Marcus began slowly thrusting his hips and Danny felt Marcus’s cock press between his buttocks. He gasped, but instead of being repulsed, he tilted his pelvis up for Marcus in invitation. He wanted more.
Marcus groaned in his ear. It was the hottest sound Danny had ever heard, until he heard Marcus whisper to him.
“I want you, Danny. I don’t care if you’ve never been with a man before, but I won’t touch you unless you want me to. Tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”
Danny dropped his head back so that it lay on Marcus’s shoulder. Marcus just kept going. Thrusting into him and talking dirty, the perfect combination to obliterate any reservations Danny had.
“I want to be inside your arse, Danny. Do you understand that? I can’t be near you and not want that.”
An involuntary shiver slid over Danny and his eyes closed. What Marcus was doing to him felt incredible and so right.

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Welcome TC Collins and Shadows of Light!!

Things sure have been hoppin' here on Tyler's Naughty Notions lately. So much fun and so many yummy books to read! 
Today, I’m very pleased to introduce another fellow Evernight author, TC Collins!!!
I'm going to turn TNN over to TC today, so you all play nice while Mama's away! 
TC, it's all yours!!

Hi and thank you so much for having me!
Shadows of Light is finally on Evernight Publishing's  New Release page. Be sure to drop by and pick up a copy! I hope you enjoy my first baby released out into the world. I am so happy and excited to share a little bit of my crazy thoughts with you. Here's a little teaser to perk your interest, LOL.
Happy reading,


Matthew Rose is a reclusive psychic on the run from a mad psychologist. Held captive and exploited as a child because of his ability to connect minds with serial killers, all Matt wants now is to be free of his visions. His desire for peace is shattered when he sees the woman from his most recent vision lying in a pool of blood.
Adam Rivers, the homicide detective assigned to the murdered woman’s case, quickly realizes Matt is more than a witness. Adam fights his attraction to Matt because he doesn’t see himself as gay.
As the murders mount, Matt and Adam work together to defeat the killer—unaware that the mad psychologist from Matt’s past has returned and is determined to reclaim his prize. Can Adam keep Matt safe from the danger that surrounds him or will he lose the man he is just now realizing he loves?


Adam walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He’d obviously just gotten out of the shower because his skin glistened.
I watched, mesmerized as a water droplet began its slow, delicious descent from his neck, to his surprisingly hairless chest, past the fresh bandage a nurse had just applied before leaving the room, and down his very sexy six-pack, to the intriguing treasure trail to disappear into the towel.
I licked dry lips, vaguely aware of the increase in my heart rate and choppy breathing. The only thing I could think of was following the trail of the water droplet.
Oh my, I breathed.
Adam’s towel began to tent as I watched. Drawn like a bee to honey, I was halfway to Adam before I became aware of it. I stopped in front of him, nervous, and reached out a hand laying my palm on his chest. My heart was pounding as I touched an erect, brown nipple.
Adam groaned and grabbed my wrist. I looked up at him, dazed. His lips moved but I was beyond hearing.
Must taste. The urge obliterated everything else.
I stood on tiptoe, grabbed a handful of his dark hair, and yanked his mouth to mine. Delighted moans filled the silent room. Adam wrapped an arm around my waist and yanked me into all that hard male strength. My knees buckled and my erection stretched within the confines of my jeans.
Adam licked into my open mouth, his tongue chasing and dominating mine. I shuddered at the heat smoldering inside me. Pleasure flowed, heightening sensitive nerve endings. I pressed further into Adam, trying to get as close as possible. His hands journeyed from my hips to my bottom, kneading.
Oh god!
It was the hottest thing I had ever felt. A whimper escaped and I felt Adam’s groan vibrate in his chest. Pre-cum leaked from my cock. I rubbed it against his stomach to help alleviate the pain. I’d never been so turned on in my life and it was exhilarating. I felt as if I was flying and free-falling simultaneously through a pit of molten lava.
Adam twined his tongue around mine, trapping it. His tongue tasted every crevice in my mouth, leaving no part unattended. His kiss left me feeling ravished and the feeling became addictive.
I broke our kiss to gulp fresh air. Adam rumbled his protest and one of his hands left my butt to grab a handful of my hair and jerked me back to his lips. I had never felt so needed before in my life and I melted into the kiss, my surrender complete. Adam snarled his approval and tightened his grip. He staggered us to the bed. I felt him wince and pulled back from our kiss.
“Maybe we should—” I began before Adam claimed my lips again.
I looked down as he laid me on the bed. Oh wow! Adam’s towel had slid to the floor and he was enormous. His cock had to be at least eight and a half inches long and he was thick. The mushroom-shaped tip was an angry red, pointing straight toward me as if in silent accusation.
Fear shot through me and I scrambled backward on the bed. What the heck do you think you’re going to do with that thing? I shouted at him through our bond. There was no way I was letting him get within six feet of me with that monster leering at me.
Adam laughed and grabbed my ankles to keep me from kicking him. He dragged me toward him spreading my thighs so he stood between my splayed legs. He leaned down and nuzzled my neck before placing a soft kiss there. Despite my fear, I shivered in reaction.
Is this your first time, baby? he whispered, using our bond. Goose bumps pebbled my skin. His voice was just so…sexy and using telepathy heightened its appeal.
I grabbed a handful of his hair and buried my face in his neck. Shyness had overcome me and I found it difficult to meet his gaze. My gift and the threat of Dr. Johannasan wouldn’t let me get close to anyone. Plus I didn’t trust anyone enough to try.
Adam lifted his head and the fierce possessiveness seared me in place. Good, he growled. Adam lowered his head to kiss me again.

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A little more about me:

I write erotic fiction which usually has a paranormal twist. I am a firm believer in happily ever after, so though I may torture my characters upon occasion, they will always get their HEA. I live in the southeastern region and can usually be found sipping a cup of white chocolate mocha.

I can be found at
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New Release ~ Aftermath: Guts and Glory by Tyler Robbins

        It's been a long time coming, but Tyler Robbins has finally come out with another M/M military romance. This story was inspired a while back by a country music video I viewed by Lee Brice. (see below)
     The instant I saw it, I knew there was another story there and I knew my muse would be on it like butter on a hot biscuit!! 
     Check out Lee Brice’s video, then stick around for a little tease from, Aftermath: Guts and Glory!!


     When the brother he idolized is killed in action in Afghanistan, Kyle Barrett is rocked to his core. With his only confidant gone, Kyle struggles to deal with the loss, while fighting to keep his hidden sexuality a secret from his parents.
     If only he didn’t have to face them alone.
     Army veteran, Ryder Bishop has returned from his final tour in Iraq, when severe PTSD forces him to seek help through a new counseling program back home in Texas.
Just when Ryder thinks he’s reached the end of his rope, he meets Kyle, and their lives take a remarkable turn.
     Can the grieving brother and damaged soldier find the peace they so desperately need? Or will they become another statistic when the aftermath of war hits too close to home?
     They might have shipped the soldier home, but his demons have come with him.


PG Excerpt:

     “Some of these guys come from Liberty County, others from Houston. This is the only center implementing this program, but if it turns out to be successful, they might start popping up everywhere.”
     Kyle half-assed listened to Reesa, while trying to come up with an excuse to cut out early, and find somewhere to be alone. He nodded, for no other reason than to appease her.
     “If that happens, I plan to be a part of it. That’s why I changed my major to behavioral science.”
     Kyle paused. Now she had his attention. “Wait? You’re not going to be a nurse?”
     Reesa took a deep breath. “I want to make a difference for Wade.” She looked around the room. “And these people need someone willing to make a difference for them, too.”
     “What about what you need?”
     She squeezed his hand. “This is what I need, Kyle.”
     Kyle searched her green eyes. Her sincerity warmed him somehow, but he still didn’t get how she’d be able to handle all the emotional crap that had to go along with getting too involved. It was hard enough living with Wade’s death. How could she deal with the same kind of emotions coming from so many other people? Complete strangers?
     He nodded, not to agree, but to eliminate the concern that now filled her eyes. “I guess if anyone could do something like that, it would be you.”
     “Good. I’m glad you think that. It means a lot to me.” Reesa’s attention quickly turned to someone across the room, and her face instantly brightened. “Hey, stranger.” She let go of Kyle’s hand and darted away.
     Kyle’s gaze followed her, and he froze the second he saw who she had spoken to. The guy from the basketball court. Ryder.
     Kyle’s insides fluttered as Ryder glanced over at him.
     Reesa dragged Ryder by the arm. His initial resistance was clearly futile, and the bashful grin did little to hide the pink tinge on Ryder’s cheeks.
     “Kyle, this is my new friend, Ryder.”
     Kyle’s palms moistened. “Yeah. We’ve already met.”
     Ryder gave Kyle a quick nod. “Are you hoping for a rematch?”
     “Rematch?” The inflexion of Reesa’s inquisitive tone rivaled the look of intrigue highlighting her green eyes.
     “Yeah, we played a game of one on one at the courts by my apartment the other night.” Ryder’s nostrils flared, and he appeared a bit smug. “I believe I won. Right?”
     Kyle’s mouth watered at the memory of Ryder’s glistening abs when he’d lifted his shirt to wipe the perspiration from his brow. “He barely won. And that was only because it was right after—” The words caught in the back of Kyle’s throat, and a sudden feeling of nausea swept over him. He fidgeted and glanced down at Reesa, his mood darkening right on the spot. “Um, it was Tuesday evening.” He swallowed hard, doing his best not to throw up as an acidic burn now scorched the back of his throat.
     Reesa’s auburn brow arched, and her lips turned up into shaky smile. “Oh. Okay.”   The thought of that day had understandably struck a nerve for her, too.
     “Yeah, well maybe we can have that rematch after you’ve rested up or something. Maybe a nap would help.”
     Was that a jab at Kyle’s baby-faced looks?
     Ryder’s boyish smirk remained plastered across his face, easing Kyle’s angst immediately.
     “Whatever, man.” Kyle managed a chuckle. “You just got lucky, that’s all.”
     “Oh, is that your story?” Ryder seemed to physically gravitate toward Kyle, or was it Kyle’s imagination—or wishful thinking?
     Ryder’s cologne wafted toward him, a scent Kyle could spot anywhere. “I guess we’ll just have to see.”
     “Okay, boys.” Reesa took them both by the arm, and walked between them. “I say we go to lunch and discuss this little rematch further.”
     Kyle glanced at Ryder over the top of Reesa’s head. The instant he found Ryder already looking in his direction, Kyle’s face warmed, and he quickly looked away.
    There was something about the other man’s gaze, something sincere and exciting, and the more Kyle thought about it, the more he liked it.
****WARNING**** Adult Excerpt:

      Kyle took a deep breath to steady his excitement then slowly unfastened Ryder’s jeans. He pulled them down just a bit, low enough to remove the semi-hard cock from Ryder’s boxers. The shaft stiffened in the palm of Kyle’s hand, and he liked the feel of the delicate flesh against his own skin. He slowly tightened his gripped and began to stroke.
     “Shit.” Ryder moaned again, and rolled his hips.
     Kyle watched Ryder’s expression as his movements hastened. Ryder, this strong, mountain of a man, who dominated the basketball court, and practically mopped the floor with Kyle every time they played, literally melted in Kyle’s hand.
     Exhilarated by that extra confidence, Kyle found the courage to take the next step.
The natural step he’d wanted to take since he first laid eyes on the other man’s cock. Kyle licked his lips, then flicked the head of Ryder’s dick with his tongue.
     Ryder shuddered.
     Kyle lapped the salty surface of Ryder’s crown then encircled it with his lips, until he lowered his head, and drew half of the fleshy shaft into his mouth.
     Kyle’s ears rang, and his heartbeat boomed like a bass drum inside his head. The more he sucked in, the louder Ryder’s groans became, thrilling Kyle even more.
     Ryder made a hissing sound. “Careful with the teeth.”
     Kyle corrected his technique and covered the thick shaft with his lips instead, then dove back down for another plunge.
     “Mmm.” Ryder bucked his hips, forcing himself deeper into Kyle’s mouth. “Yeah, that’s it.”
     Kyle’s eyes watered as Ryder’s cock bumped the back of his throat, flooding his mouth with Ryder’s salty-sweet essence.
     Ryder grasped the back of Kyle’s head and shoved himself in harder. “Feels so fucking good.”
     Kyle gripped the base, and used his hand to jack Ryder off as he continued to suck and lick, until Ryder abruptly pulled back, and stopped him.
     “What?” Kyle’s mind whirled, and he fought to take Ryder’s cock back into his mouth.
     Ryder’s stomach muscles rolled, and his breathing deepened. He inhaled deeply before speaking. “You’ve seriously never done this before?” Disbelief resonated in his tone.
     Was he serious? He’s asking this now? “Never.”
     “Shit.” Ryder licked his lips, his eyes glazed over. “So that means,” Ryder skimmed his thumb over Kyle’s tingling bottom lip, “nobody’s ever done it to you either.”
     Kyle drew in a deep breath, doing his best not to bust a nut just at the thought of it. “No.”
     A gleam sparked in Ryder’s eyes “Lie back.”
     Chills wreaked havoc across Kyle’s flesh. Oh shit.
     Ryder’s eyes danced back and forth as though searching Kyle’s for an answer to a question he hadn’t bothered to ask. His brow bunched, and he eased closer. “Just don’t forget to breathe.”





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Leave a comment below, explaining why you love M/M erotic romance, and you just might win a copy of 
Aftermath: Guts and Glory!!

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Welcome New Evernight Author, Douglas Black

Today we have a first time visitor to Tyler’s Naughty Notions, so please be nice, try to be on your best behavior, and for heaven’s sake, don’t scare the poor guy off. We need more testosterone up in here! J
Douglas Black is new to Evernight Publishing and fairly new to publishing in general, and I for one, am very excited for him and his new venture into the publishing world.
Let’s find out a little more about this new author, we’ll surely be hearing a lot more about in the coming months…

Douglas Black was born and raised in bonnie Scotland. He started writing erotica as a means of paying the bills when he was a student at university, but after graduation he found he no longer had the time to write. Over the summer of 2012, Black picked up a pen once more. After a brief, successful flirtation with self-publishing, Black’s novella ‘Business or Pleasure’ was picked up and released in April 2013. It quickly made the publisher’s best-sellers list. Douglas Black’s short story, ‘A Secret Love’, was published in July 2013 by Evernight Publishing.

Learn more about Douglas at the following Links:

About the Book

‘A Secret Love’ is Douglas Black’s first outing with Evernight Publishing. Part of their ‘Romance On The Go’ range, ‘A Secret Love’ is a steamy M/M erotic romance about a couple forced to keep their relationship a secret. They have been lovers for a long time, but are only able to meet up when their schedules allow. For them, though, the end is now in sight: they plan to leave behind everything they know and move abroad to be together. With only six months to go they meet up in a remote hotel in the Scottish highlands for a romantic few days together, but things in life rarely go according to plan.

James is nervous when he pulls into the car park of the secluded and conservative Caledonian Hotel. He slips off his wedding ring, gives a false name at reception and checks into his room.
When Mark finally arrives James expects their time together to conform to the usual pattern, but Mark surprises him. Mark wants candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. James, well, James just wants to make up for lost time. More importantly, he doesn’t want to get caught. They have six months left before they can leave behind everything they know and start a new life together and James is desperate to be discrete. Unfortunately, he never could control himself around Mark. Throw in an interfering old couple and some very public displays of affection and Mark and James’s short hotel stay might just be about to destroy not only the secrecy that has always shrouded their relationship, but also their plans for a future together.


Mark returned the kiss passionately. James trembled in his arms. Tension coursed through his body and he could feel it mirrored in Mark’s. He could almost taste the other man’s nerves in his kiss. James savoured Mark’s strong arms around him. He pushed his hands inside Mark’s suit jacket and clung to the warm, toned body underneath. The body was so familiar despite the amount of time that had passed since their last meeting.
“God I’ve missed you,” James said when he finally pulled away. Mark was breathless and didn’t respond at first, but the sexy, playful smile on his lips told James everything he needed to know. James took his hands and led him further into the room.
It was a large suite with living area and a huge bathroom. Mark swung a new sports bag, bright orange and emblazoned with sponsorship logos, off his shoulder and dumped it onto one of the two couches. He paused momentarily, reaching into his suit pocket.
James watched as Mark pulled out his phone and turned it off without checking for messages. He waited patiently until Mark had tucked it safely into his bag and smiled at him when he had finished. “Difficult getting away this time?” he asked.
Mark nodded. “I left as soon as I could. I was so scared I was going to miss the flight. I’m sorry it had to be mid-week this time. Will you get in trouble at work?”
“I have the flu.”
Mark smirked. “You look perfectly healthy to me.”
“It came on all of a sudden,” James said, closing the space between them. “Unexpected. Probably be gone in a few days. You know how these things are.” Mark nodded and James slipped into his arms once more. With his head on Mark’s shoulder, he turned to whisper against the other man’s neck. “I wouldn’t have been able to stand it if you had missed the flight, if you had cancelled. It’s been so long. It’s always so long.”

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Morgan King & Moving On ... With His Handy Man...

How’s your summer going so far??
Hot as hell here in Texas, and things are about to get a whole lot hotter!
Help me welcome Morgan King as she debuts her first ever M/M Romance On the Go novella with Evernight, Moving On … With His Handy Man!!
I’m turning TNN over to Morgan today, so sit back, grab a yummy drink and a comfy spot to chill, and let’s have some fun!!
Take it away, Morgan…

Hi, I’m Morgan and Moving On…With His Handy Man is my first All Male Romance. Surprisingly, it’s also my most personal story yet. It was written from a single moment of feeling, in this case: my ex is seeing someone else it’s time to move on, how in hell do I do that? The answer for me was to write this story. For me this means the characters are very real. I hope they feel that way to you too.

Tom is gutted when his business partner and ex- boyfriend Liam tells him he is seeing someone else. Tom and Liam’s relationship has been over for more than year, but it is this news that convinces Tom it is time to move on with his own life and he finally finds he courage to do something out of character: ask the handyman out.
          Jax hasn’t tried to hide the fact that he’s smitten with Tom and he’s thrilled that Tom has finally put Liam to one side and is showing an interest in him. He’ll grab his chance to date Tom with both hands! However, he likes Tom enough to want to be more than just a rebound fling.
        Can Tom truly let go off his feelings for Liam, and will Jax have a chance to win the battered and bruised heart of his boss?

“I don’t mind being the guy you experiment with, even if it’s rebound, even if it’s tit for tat with Liam for finding someone else, as long as that’s not all it is. I really like you, if that wasn’t obvious enough.” Jax said.
Tom gave a sigh of relief, “I really like you, too, and thank you for saying yes.”
“I’m sure it should be me thanking you. You are my superior after all. I’m just the handy man.”
Flirting, I can do this. “And a very fine handy man you are, too.” If he’d been typing Tom would have added a winking emoticon, but as it was he couldn’t pull the real thing off, so he’d just have to hope Jax got the message.
“Perhaps you’d let me thank you and demonstrate just how handy I am.” Jax walked towards Tom as he spoke, not just right up to the other side of the desk, but all around it, invading Tom’s personal space, so that Tom had to lean back to look up. That was until Jax got down on his knees in front of him.
Was Jax doing what Tom thought he was? Hoped he was? Was this how two people who weren’t dating had sex for the first time? Tom had always wondered how two people went from chatting to more. The first time for him and Liam had been after a great deal of build up. They’d been friends who had decided to take it one step further, and the act itself had been well planned. They’d also never had sex in the office before. Given they owned the building it had always struck Tom as a tragedy.
Tom’s mind might not be up to speed with how quickly Jax was moving, but his cock certainly was. It was pumped up and ready to go, pushing against his slacks and trying to get his attention.
It appeared to have Jax’s attention. He reached one hand out to caress Tom’s cock through the silky material. “A good workman needs good tools, and this one feels like it might just suit me.” With heart-pounding slowness, at least in Tom’s body, Jax pulled down Tom’s zipper. Tom’s cock surged forward for one brief moment, but remained restrained by his cotton underwear.
“Here, wait a minute,” Tom said, and then when Jax instantly shifted back, a look of hurt rejection in his eyes, he went on. “No, I don’t want you to stop, I just thought it’d be easier if I…” He leaned his hips up and shimmied his trousers and trunks over his hips, down to mid-thigh, demonstrating his intention before resting his naked butt back on the cool leather of the seat.
There was no way he wanted Jax to stop.
“Ah well, that does make my job easier.”
Jax grinned up at Tom, flashing his sexier than any one man deserved to have dimples. He knelt just looking at Tom’s cock for what felt like an eternity to Tom, every second marked by the pulse throbbing through the long vein running down the underside of his cock, and an increase in size, centimetre by centimetre. If his penis hadn’t measured just over nine inches from root to tip he might have been getting an inferiority complex.

Where to Buy:

Where to find out more about me:

Twitter:  Morgan King @EroticWritings 

Other Info about me:
Well I like to see myself as an infinitely patient single mother and charity manager by day and reader and writer of erotic romance by night. I love all genres of romance, but have a special tendre for historical stories having been seduced by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer at a young age. I even named my dog Darcy.
My son is a very imaginative five year old, so when the characters aren’t having conversations in my head I’m voicing the character of a witch, dragon, pirate or possibly knight. Yes, I always get to be the bad guy for some reason! We live in the rural East of England not far from the forest so there are always plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Other Books:
Duty to Love, 5*reader rated, ARe and Bookstrand bestselling erotic regency ménage romance.
Her Type of Guy, anthology of erotic short stories, something for everyone.
An Unconditional Courtship, a short sweet regency romance.

Some questions I’ve answered:

Do you have anything in common with your characters?
I think a writer puts a bit of themselves into every character, male or female. I don’t think I have too much in common with many of my characters, except thinking about it I have a forthcoming story (4th July) entitled Moving On: With His Handyman and although this is about two men the motivation for the story was the feelings I had in common with one of the characters… (if you read it and want to know more just e-mail me!)

What’s the strangest (bravest, funniest etc) thing you’ve ever done?
There’s actually a few to pick from, the one I’ve chosen is maybe strange, maybe funny, but only if you have a warped sense of humour like me and in this case two of my friends.
For some reason we decided it would be funny to play a prank on the University Chaplain, so I convinced a security guard that I had left my purse in the Chaplain’s office and when allowed back in to look in for it slipped the catch on his window. That night we spent hours blowing up balloons before carrying them across campus in black bin bags, opening the unlatched window from the outside, and pushing them all through. Okay there weren’t so many that he couldn’t walk in, but there was certainly no floor to be seen. The next day we staked out his office till he arrived. His expression: priceless!!!

When did you write your first book (and is it published)?
Not long ago! Duty to Love was my first book and was released with Evernight in February. It’s an erotic regency ménage J

 Who are some of your favorite authors?
I read far too much, before I started writing it had got to be a bit of an addiction, seriously, so I could write a very long list, I’ll try to keep it short!
Michel Faber, Ian McEwan, Philippa Gregory, Tracey Chevalier, Jonathon Kellerman, Faye Kellerman, Michael Connolly, Harlen Coben, Jane Austen, Daphne Du Maurier, Lauren Dane, Maya Banks, Christine Feehan, Elizabeth Hoyt, J.R. Ward.
That’s the really short list!

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Yorkshire Puddings filled with cream cheese and blueberries, especially if they are for breakfast, because I’ve run out of milk and bread! (Yes they are frozen batters, as I’ve run out of milk).

Who did you dedicate your first book to?
A few people, but mainly a teacher that meant a lot to me and a group of women that like to talk sex ;)
I am now taking requests; my sister very specifically wants me to dedicate my forthcoming naughty fairytale No Rest for the Prince’s Virgin to her.

How do you come up with inspiration for your books?
I tend to play the What If game in my head all the time and turn the answers into stories.

What’s the hardest part of writing?
Some days just making yourself write, or researching facts, although personally I could never have been a writer before Google and Wikipedia. That and the consequences of writing, waiting to see if anyone likes your stories!

What are your fondest memories of reading?
My whole family loves books, so they were a big part of my childhood growing up. I still remember my mum recording (onto cassette tape!) The Witches, by Roald Dahl, for me to listen to in the car or in bed when she wasn’t available to read to me.