Friday, January 24, 2014

New Release: Alpha's Claim Anthology

It’s been a while since I’ve had a new release, but the reason isn’t because I haven’t been writing. Evernight’s Alpha’s Claim Anthology includes the first story in my upcoming shifter series, Call of the Wolf.
Keep checking back over the next couple of weeks for yummy tidbits of the other stories included in anthology, from authors such as Avril Ashton, Lucy Felthouse, Nikka Michaels, Eileen Bragdon and many more.  
Here’s a little taste of “The Becoming”…

Every year, wolf packs along the Texas Gulf Coast gather for what is known as the becoming. A ceremony where young adult shifters transition into their wolf form for the first time and when each wolf’s spirits selects their destined mate.
As the son of an alpha, Josh Spinner has dreaded this day ever since he first realized he was gay, but planned to go through with the becoming, denying his true self forever.
Braden Scott, the only son of an exiled omega wolf, has lived in the shadows of shame since his father’s banishment before he was even born. The becoming was his only shot of ever being accepted into the fold.
Neither man expected their undeniable attraction and neither are prepared for the fallout that follows.
Natural selection separates the men from the boys, but destiny seals their fate.    

Adult Excerpt:

“Are there always this many people here?”
Josh jumped at the unexpected voice behind him. He glanced over his shoulder at the tall, dark haired guy setting up his tent a few yards away. “Yeah, it gets crazy.”
The guy wiped his hand on his pants leg then extended it to Josh. “I’m Braden.”
Josh shook his hand. “Josh.” Electricity zapped his fingers, and he jerked his hand back, then clenched it tight at his side. What the hell was that?
A shaking smile broke across Braden’s lips. “This whole thing is amazing.”
Josh shrugged, doing his best not to show signs of his impending mental breakdown. Who is this guy? “Yeah, I guess.” His vision blurred, and his ears rang.
“My mom’s told me stories about this. I never thought it would actually happen though.”
Josh held his breath as Braden rubbed the back of his arm across his forehead and wiped away tiny little beads of sweat that bubbled up.
The instant the droplets were broken, Braden’s scent wafted toward Josh. His skin itched under the surface, and his heart raced. The fragrant smell of pine and rich, black dirt danced inside his nose. He knew that natural, earthy fragrance like he knew his own. Josh eyed the other man closely. “I, uh, I’ve never seen you around before.”
Braden nodded. “I live over in Suttersville.”
“Suttersville?” Nobody lived in Suttersville unless they were old or had no interest in socializing with other people. “That’s like Siberia compared to most towns.”
“Yeah, but it’s quiet. I like quiet.”
Josh nodded. What he wouldn’t give to live somewhere he didn’t have to pretend, somewhere he could be alone with his thoughts and not have to prove himself daily. Not have to constantly live up to his father’s impossible expectations. “I’m a big fan of peace and quiet myself.”
Braden’s lips thinned as a playful grin spread wide, and Josh’s cock twitched with excitement. Braden’s brown eyes glimmered, and his already handsome features became even more pronounced.
Josh tried not to stare as Braden continued to set up his tent. Each move he made drew longer gazes until Josh found himself leaning against a tall pine tree watching every move the other man made.
His torso appeared solid and firm, and thick back muscles showed through the thin layer of fabric of his T-shirt every time he bent and lifted another section of the tent. Like a shiny, sleek Maserati, every line along the man’s impeccable frame begged to be touched, and Josh was tempted to do just that.
The final straw came when Braden lifted the hem of his shirt and wiped more sweat from his brow. Without thinking, the instant Josh caught a glimpse of the glistening sheen of stacked stomach muscles, he reached down and squeezed his dick, savoring the feel of pre-cum rushing to the surface.
Josh sucked in a gasp when Braden glanced up and caught his lustful stare.


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