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Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia!! #LGBT #Equality

It’s that time of year again… The Hop Against Homophobia!!
I can’t wait for the day when these hops aren’t necessary, but until then, I plan to do my part in supporting my friends and loved ones within the LGBT community.      It is my hope that writing more stories that gay, lesbian, and transgender people can relate to, and stories which prove that love is love, no matter the gender, is a small step in the right direction to opening minds and hearts.
Be sure to visit all the blogs and websites participating in the hop and show your support, too!
Here’s a short snippet from my first M/M book as Tyler Robbins, Beyond Honor. Jared Prophet had a lot to deal with, and it’s my hope that this character’s pain of living in the proverbial closet, will someday be a thing of the past.

Army Medic, Private Michael Crest, is quite content in his life with the exception of one thing—he’s in need of a good man and has his sights set on another medic, Specialist Jared Prophet.
The problem? Jared’s in deep denial about his sexuality.
After an unexpected, erotic exchange, Jared decides his only recourse is to distance himself from Michael and plans a trip to his family’s lake-house with friends, which would have worked, if one of his friends hadn’t invited Michael to tag along.
As a tropical storm hits the Texas Gulf Coast, the two men give into unbridled passion. But more than the weather gets rough when the storm passes and Jared learns his parents are among the missing.
Can the lovers endure the fallout or will unearthed truths prove more devastating than any natural disaster?
 After all, just because they aren’t gonna ask, doesn’t mean they want you to tell…

Jared Prophet tried his best not to show Private Crest his true self. He’d safely tucked away those dark feelings for years. He’d never allow some guy to come along and change his decision to keep his secret desires in check.
Growing up in a small, conservative southern community on the outskirts of Houston, Jared would be shunned as though he had leprosy and his parents would disown him if they knew his true nature. He’d fought a life-long battle, nothing less than a curse, within himself, and he’d be damned if he’d act on it now. He had too much to lose.
“Thanks again for the smokes. I owe ya’ one.”
Michael smiled and chuckled. “Actually you owe me two, but who’s counting?”
Jared clutched the small Marlboro box still in his hand, remembering the one remaining cigarette left in the pack. “Two then.”
“No problem.” Michael turned on his heel and disappeared through the bathroom door leaving Jared behind. 
Jared breathed a sigh of relief and headed straight to the sink to splash cold water on his face. He hadn’t spoken much to the young private before the all too brief encounter, but Jared had noticed him the first day Michael arrived on base. 
He recalled the deep dimples digging into Michael’s cheeks when he smiled. The baritone timber of his voice, as smooth and steady as the man himself and one of the first things about Michael to snag Jared’s attention. Michael exuded confidence. Confidence one possessed from being comfortable in his own skin, sure of who he was and not at all afraid to show it. If only Jared were able to be as free with his own feelings.
As he raised his head, Jared caught a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. His cheeks reddened, and his heart boomed in his chest at the thought of how attractive he found the other man. What the fuck?
“Stop it,” he growled under his breath. 
Jared smoothed a shaky hand over the side of his head, slicking down his crew-cut to make sure he looked every bit the soldier he’d striven to be: proud, strong, and every inch a red-blooded American man. The man his father wanted him to be, the man he needed to be to survive.

Now how about something yummy:
ADULT Excerpt #2
“Okay, well you two get settled, and then we’ll start this party.” Jared grabbed his duffel bag and returned to his parents’ bedroom.
As he entered, he noticed the bathroom door ajar and saw Michael standing on the other side, pulling his shirt up over his head. White tape wrapped around his upper torso on one side, and Michael winced as he unfastened his jeans.
His ribs were definitely bruised.
Jared swallowed hard, standing there, watching, unable to look away. No matter how badly he wanted to leave, his feet wouldn’t budge.
Michael lowered his jeans and then his boxers, causing Jared’s cock to throb. Michael was gorgeous, with tanned skin, a tapered waist and an ass that curved perfectly, firm and supple.
Jared couldn’t help it. He rubbed his dick through his tightening jeans. He’d never seen anything so appealing.
When Michael turned around, his rather large cock dangled between his legs, and Jared instantly wondered what it would feel like hard and in his hand. His pubic area was well groomed and trimmed very neatly, and his thighs were muscular and strong.
Michael looked up, and the two men made eye contact.
Jared squirmed and quickly removed his hand from his crotch. His face burned as hot as a bonfire. Shit! He turned to go, but as he made it to the door, Michael rushed from the bathroom then reached out and grabbed his arm.
“You don’t have to go.”
Jared jerked back and licked his lips. He struggled not to look down. If he did, he wasn’t sure what would happen, but he was sure it wouldn’t be good. “Mike, I-I should leave.”
The desperation in Michael’s tone tugged at his heart.
Jared backed against the door and stared into Michael’s eyes. “Please don’t.”
“Don’t what?” Michael pressed his lips together and inched closer. “Don’t make you admit that you’re attracted to me?”
Jared shook his head as Michael leaned into him.
“Don’t tell you that you’re all I think about?”
Hot breath spilled over Jared’s neck as Michael quickly invaded his personal space.  A warm hand gently took his, and in seconds, Jared held Michael’s cock in his hand.
Michael caressed the back of Jared’s fingers, prompting him to stroke his shaft. “See, it’s only flesh and blood, just like yours.”
Jared held his breath and squeezed his eyes shut as the softness of Michael’s dick began to take on a different shape by hardening in his hand. He felt powerful. Strong. To know the effect his touch had on Michael excited him in a way he’d never been thrilled before.
All on his own, Jared continued to stroke it.
Michael leaned in and began to kiss Jared’s neck. Soft moans vibrated against the tender skin on his throat, encouraging Jared to stroke faster.
Clicking sounds echoed throughout the room as his hand became slippery by the juices spilling from Michael’s cock. Jared didn’t have to look down to know instinctively what was occurring. He’d jacked off thousands of times. He’d know that sound anywhere.
Michael flattened his hand on the door beside Jared’s head, keeping his body far enough away so as not to interrupt the event. He ran his tongue up Jared’s jaw-line and toward his lips, then plunged it deep inside Jared’s mouth.
His taste was as sweet as it had been that morning, maybe even more so. “Fuck.”
Michael kissed him again and then pulled back, panting hard in Jared’s ear. “I’m gonna come.”
Jared’s heart pounded. He’d never pleasured a man to the point of explosion, and the feeling of complete and utter supremacy flooded over his whole body. He opened his eyes and looked down as Michael’s swollen cock pulsed in his hand. The tip dripped with satiny, clear pre-cum. Excited, Jared’s fist slid up and down even faster.
Michael sucked air through his teeth. “Fuck yes.”
Jared licked his lips, savoring the way Michael reacted to his touch.
Michael moaned, and then all of a sudden, he came.
One sweet burst after another of hot milky fluid spurted onto Jared’s fingers. In that instant, Jared felt like a god.

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The Silver Tongued City Boy By Tamsin Baker #MM #Novella

Hello everyone!! Glad you stopped by!!
Please help me welcome back today’s beautiful guest, Tamsin Baker. I won’t keep you waiting, so let’s dig right in to her latest release, The Silver Tongued City Boy!!
Don’t know about you, but this country girl would sure like a nibble of that!!

Mitchell’s job is his life. He works hard, with good men and he gets to be around the horses he loves. The only thing that will ruin his perfect life is if they find out he’s gay, but that’ll never happen, so he’s safe.
Jayden Donner doesn’t really want to visit his estranged father on his farm, but how else is he going to get the money he needs for his overseas holiday?
When Mitchell first sees Jay, he knows the city boy is trouble. But Jay won’t leave him be, and when the sparks fly, hay bales won’t be the only thing on fire.

Excerpt :
Jay kissed him as though they were teenagers necking. Greedy, too fast and so passionate as to make him want to laugh. Did Jay really want him that badly?
His answer came when Jay moved around to his side and grabbed Mitchell’s cock in his hand, stroking and rubbing along the shaft. Hot prickles of pleasure shot down his spine and along his cock.
He closed his eyes and let the intense sensations wash over him. Jay’s lips at his neck, the hand on his prick, stroking and coaxing him to feel good.
“I want in you.” He heard the words and nodded while his brain began to float. He wanted that too.
Jay’s fingers worked their way between the crack of Mitchell’s arse and pushed down.
Mitchell spread his legs blindly, leaning forward and gasping as Jay’s hand sped up on his cock.
“I’m gonna cum if you keep that up.” He mumbled and added a groan for emphasis.
Jay bit down on his shoulder, the pain a sweet relief from the intense pleasure tightening his balls.
“Don’t...” Jay said against Mitchell’s shoulder and slowed his hand down so that the swell of his orgasm decreased to a manageable level.
Jay leaned back a little and brought his hand to his mouth, sucking on two of his fingers before moving them back down Mitchell’s body. He closed his eyes as saliva slick fingertips found Mitchell’s arse hole and he leaned forward, aching for the penetration he knew was coming.
“Lube… check the first aid kit.” The thought came to him from out of nowhere. There could be some sort of lubricant in that. Without something, it was gonna hurt like hell.
He broke away from the warmth of Jay’s body, determined to find something, anything that would help.
He pulled down the large white tin box that rested against the wall. They mostly used these things on the horses if they were injured, but there could be something.
He rummaged through the box, pushing past the bandages and horse ointments until he found the perfect thing.
“Ah ha!” He held the tub of Vaseline up triumphantly, true excitement flooding his body. He was going to get fucked, and it was going to feel so good!
Jay grinned and held his hand out for it.
His breath whistled a little through his teeth as he took a deep breath. Yes, this was what he wanted, and damn the consequences.
Mitchell placed the tub into Jay’s hand and turned away, pressing his palms up against the shed wall. They felt cold beneath his palms, a startling contrast to the heat emanating off his body.
He twisted his head around to watch Jay sheath his hard cock with the condom and rub some of the Vaseline over top of the latex.
He shifted his feet and opened his legs wider. Mitchell looked back at the wall for a moment before letting his eyes slide closed. A moan escaped his lips when Jay’s hand caressed his arse. His need for this had always disturbed him a little. He was a man, a real countrified bloke by most peoples standards, but being fucked just felt so good if done by the right person. It was obvious that Jay was a natural top, so Mitchell’s more submissive side was just aching for what was coming.
“You’re frikken beautiful, you know that?” Jay’s smooth words washed over him like a cleansing rain, making goose bumps rise to his skin and a shudder to ripple through him.
“Yeah right.”
He opened his legs wider and bumped his arse back, hoping Jay would get the message and hurry up about it.
Instead, Jay’s hand roamed up his back, tugging at his horrible red hair.
“It’s true. Since the moment I saw you in that bathroom, I’ve wanted you. All these beautiful muscles, amazing skin. Not to mention, an incredible arse.” Jay spoke as he touched, running his hand over Mitchell’s shoulders, down his spine and finally cupping the curve of is arse.
The shivers started again and Mitchell pressed his palms harder against the shed’s wall. Jay’s words were making him feel special and arousing him at the same time. He cleared his throat, not trusting his voice to sound human.
“Come on, you silver tongued city boy. Fuck me, please.”

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Lip Service by Nikka Michaels #MM #EroticRomance

 Welcome, my lovelies!!
Hope everyone is enjoying some nice spring weather. It’s been beautiful here in deep, southeast Texas, and if I could share the weather with each of you, I would.
Unfortunately, my plans to control the weather through world domination have been put on hold for now. It requires a lot more work than I had initially believed. 
I might not be able to offer nice weather, but I can share something equally enjoyable with you… and definitely yummier!!
Please help me welcome today’s guest, Nikka Michaels as she shares her latest release, Lip Service, her short story sequel to Room Service, from Cobblestone’s Blue line…
Take it away, Nikka!

What is Cobblestone Press’ Blue Line?
 The Blue short story line is erotica. For us, erotica is about the fulfillment of a sexual fantasy.  These stories are sexy, very graphic, and are by no means a “traditional romance”.

Dr. Seth Campbell and Carson Randall from ROOM SERVICE return in this short erotic sequel. Separated by their jobs on a daily basis, the partners have to make time for each other when they can. They combine their passion for each other in mini interludes to reconnect with each other and rekindle their connection.
When Seth finds Carson waiting for him in the hotel bar, their attraction and awareness smolders to life. When their already limited time together is interrupted by an important phone call, an impatient Seth takes matters into his own hands.

I reached between us to yank open his shirt, grinning when the buttons flew, plinking off the table and chair.
“This was my favorite shirt.” He glared at me.
“Well, now we’re even after last time.” I smirked and leaned down to push his shirt up and off his shoulders then his undershirt. I dragged my tongue over his nipple then tugged it with my teeth.
His frustrated whine turned into a long moan as I reached between us to stroke him harder. “God, Seth. Get naked. Now.”
“Impatient.” I grinned as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt far enough to yank it over my head, tossing it on the floor. The thin T-shirt I wore met the same fate as he pulled me in for another kiss.
“Lube. Your ass. My cock. Now.”
“Yes, sir.” I smirked then turned to grab the lube from my bag I’d thrown on the luggage rack, my breath stuttering out in surprise as I heard Carson move. Quicker than I expected I found myself flat on my back on the bed, staring up at my lover as he pinned my hands next to my head. His knees hugged my hips as he stared down at me, all amusement gone, replaced with something deeper.
“Not your sir. Just yours.” His gaze was serious as he dipped his head to kiss me deeply. When I pushed up against his hold to return his kiss, I moaned as my trapped cock ground against his ass and cursed my pants for keeping my skin from his.


 Nikka Michaels lives in the often rainy Pacific Northwest where she spends her time cooking, laughing and crafting romantic tales to satisfy her craving for HEAs with heat. A voracious reader, novice knitter and music lover she’s been known to multitask without breaking a sweat. She loves to read and write M/M romance but believes everyone deserves a love story. She currently has four releases out, Chasing Matt, a M/M novella co-authored with Eileen Griffin, Christmas with Caden, a M/F romance novella from Cobblestone Press, “Waking up Wolf”, a M/M shifter romance in Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology, and Room Service the M/M BDSM short story from Cobblestone Press’ Blue line. Lip Service, the sequel to Room Service is forthcoming from Cobblestone Press. Nikka is currently at work with her co-author on two M/M foodie romance novels, set to be released summer and fall 2014 from Carina Press.
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