Friday, May 15, 2015

Day #5 of the first ever "Blast from the Past" Blog week with #MM novel, Pure by Victoria Sue!!

Welcome to Day #5 of the first ever "Blast from the Past" Blog week!!

      In the world of publishing, there's a mysterious place books often go a short time after they've been released into the world that we authors refer to as the ever-growing "back-list"! 

      Really amazing books can sometimes be forgotten and replaced by newer releases and ultimately live out there sad little lives, feeling lonely and abandoned!! 
    *please bow your heads for a moment of silence as we pay tribute to those lost pages of inspiring, but forgotten plots, characters and happy endings*


      This week we're dragging some of those forgotten books out of the darkness and giving them a moment in the sun!!  
I hope you'll return each day for a special treat from some wonderful authors who hope you'll enjoy the books they've chosen to spotlight. 
      Some books might be familiar, but some might be never before morsels you missed the first time around!! You never know what you'll find during this blast from the past book week!!

NEXT UP... Victoria Sue and the 1st book of her series, Pure. 

Callum hasn’t time to take on a new sub for training. He has his BDSM club, Pure, to remodel and open on Friday. He certainly doesn’t have the time to train Lee in all the nuances of submission, even if Lee seems to be a natural.
     But someone else wants him. Another Master who has no limits and doesn’t believe in safe words.
     If Callum doesn’t wake up and accept the gift of Lee’s submission, someone else will take it – forcefully.

Adult Excerpt:

     Piercings—Lee would look stunning. Callum would be able to play with them all day. One small barbell in each nipple. His fingers imagined them.
     He kept up the pressure on Lee’s mouth and turned his attention to his other nipple. Lee writhed under his hand, little guttural noises coming from his throat. Callum left plundering Lee’s mouth and glanced at the boy’s cock. Rigid, jerking, a glistening drop on the surface. Excellent.
     He lay back down and pulled Lee onto his side so he was spooning him. Lee stammered, “C-Callum?” and then Callum encased Lee’s cock with his large hand, completely. Lee froze, high pitched grunts coming from him.
     “Like that, Boy?” Callum murmured. “Like my hand covering you? Feel that heat. Feel how hard you are. Wanting me? How much? How much, Boy?”
     Lee jerked and nodded. He started whispering, “Fuck,” over and over. Each word rose in volume as he rocked into Callum’s hand. Callum pulled at the velvet skin surrounding Lee’s rock hard cock. He smoothed his thumb around the tip, rubbing pre-cum all over so his hand was slick. He briefly let go to reach into his night stand for the bottle of lube and generously daubed both hands in it. He rubbed his fingers together to warm it and returned his right hand back to Lee’s cock, running his fingers around his balls. He moved his slick fingers on his other hand towards Lee’s crease. Lee couldn’t keep still. He squirmed and shook and groaned. All it took was one teasing finger sliding down Lee’s crease towards his hole while Callum’s other hand pumped his cock and Lee shouted.
     “Callum. Fuck. Oh My God, Callum. I’m gonna—”
     “—Now, Boy. Come now.”
    Lee arched and shouted again. Hot sticky ropes of cum shot out of him, painting his abdomen and Callum’s hand. Callum let go and pulled him close. Shaking, Lee pressed his lips to the arm that Callum held him tight with.
     “My Boy.” Callum smiled against Lee’s hair. “Mine.” He wanted to stamp his ownership.
     “Y-Yours.” Lee’s husky voice was back.
Callum listened. He hoped he heard satisfaction. He didn’t want to hear fear; it hadn’t sounded like a question.
     Lee snuggled back against Callum’s chest. “I’ve picked it. My safe-word. I know what it is.” He shuffled and Callum smiled.
     “What is it, beautiful? I told you, it has to be something no one else would use.”
     Lee’s breath hitched. In that second Callum knew what it was going to be before Lee said anything.
     “Pure. It’s gonna be Pure.”
     Of course it is.

Kiss Scene – Pure

     Callum stalked to his bedroom and pulled out his dresser drawer and rummaged around. He knew he had a... “Got them.” He pulled out a pair of faded blue shorts. “These are a bit small for me.”
     He knew Lee had followed him but refused to look. He walked into the dressing room where his t-shirts were hung up. Choosing what he thought was the tightest on him, he turned to hand them to Lee and the bottom dropped out of his world. Every blood cell he had followed it.
     Lee was standing completely naked about to pull the shorts on.

     Callum’s heart drummed in his ears so loud he was sure Lee could hear it. He was aware of two other things at the same time. Lee stood, hard and erect and Callum’s own cock had jumped so hard in his shorts he’d felt it hit the skin under his belly.
     Lee’s lips parted on a gasp. His dimple pushed in as he half-smiled but he didn’t look down. He didn’t gaze at the floor or shuffle his feet. There was no little wriggle from his ass. He casually dropped the shorts on the floor and stood up tall. His cock bounced at the movement.
     He was gorgeous. Every. Single. Inch. Callum shook his head slightly to clear the daze. No, not just gorgeous, he was stunningly beautiful. He’d tucked that baby-soft blond hair behind his ears as usual. Long lashes feathered each cheek as he blinked slowly and those clear blue eyes widened and glazed with lust.
     Lee lifted an arm out towards Callum. He tilted his hand and straightened his fingers. He wanted to go to his boy, to cross the seeming miles of uncharted territory between them, but Callum couldn’t get his feet to move. Then in the second that Lee had paused and doubt started to bleed into those big eyes, Callum pounced. In a blink he was across the room and had his hands around Lee’s waist. He lifted him and Lee wrapped both legs around Callum’s middle. His cock bounced and pushed into Callum’s belly.
    “Oh God Oh God Oh God.” Lee chanted against Callum’s throat and scrabbled at the buttons to pry Callum’s shirt open. He pushed his cock towards Callum’s rock hard stomach, trying for friction. Callum could feel damp smears against his skin already. His boy was nearly ready to come apart.
     Callum slammed him against the wall. Lee’s head lifted and his lips parted. Callum took them. He didn’t ask and he wasn’t gentle. Those lips were his. Hell, they’d been his from the first time he’d laid eyes on them. All plump and pink. Callum moaned, long and low. He felt those lips as if they were on his dick. He nearly panted at the idea. He had to get Lee onto the bed.
     Callum made it to the bed and dropped Lee on it. He moaned when he fumbled the belt; he wanted to rip the offending material from his skin. Lee immediately got to his knees and smacked Callum’s hands away. He had Callum’s pants down within seconds and Callum’s knees nearly gave way when he saw the pure lust in Lee’s eyes, the way the boy licked his lips.
     God, he was there. Just there. He was gonna—fuck. Lights flashed behind Callum’s closed eyes as the most amazing, wet, hot, deliriously fucking incredible feeling surrounded his cock. He was standing. He didn’t know how he was still standing, but he couldn’t move. Hell, he nearly couldn’t breathe.



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